Today’s online shopping capabilities allow you to search the internet for everything from coconut oil skin care and nutritional products to buying your own coconut tree on a deserted island. The options are seemingly endless. But as shoppers what should we consider about our online purchases that’s deeper than just rates and reviews?   Do you ask yourself pre-purchase: How transparent is the journey of the organic skin care you’re purchasing? How ethical is the seller of the organic coconut oil you plan on buying for your holistic wellness remedies or next batch of healthy pancakes? Is the product that’s marketed as natural really organic? How authentic is the product? In a world where we get to browse rows of stores in just a few clicks of the mouse, we need to be committed to making sure we get the best product as well as the best deal.

Buying direct from a manufacture of a product is always the most ideal way to ensure your product’s quality and legitimacy. Some shopping gurus compare it to walking the aisle of a farmer’s market buying fresh produce direct from the growers. It’s favorable because as a consumer you feel you were a part of the produce’s journey, you were assured of its quality and you made a personal connection with the people who created it. The same applies for Organic Fiji and our artisan coconut oil beauty and health products. When you order directly from us, you become a part of our organic coconut oil’s wondrous journey from the rich earthy tropics of Fiji right to your body and soul.

These are the top ten reasons you’ll prefer buying all natural coconut oil products direct from Organic Fiji:

1. You’ll always, without a doubt, be getting the most authentic product – No fakes, no phonies, no fillers, no fabrications. Just the real coconutty deal, every time.
2. You’ll always, without a doubt, be getting the most current product – no shelf sitters, no ‘has beens’, no ‘lay abouts’. Only what’s new, what’s fresh, what’s the best version of the organic coconut oil products we offer.

3. You’ll always know your product’s exact journey – Transparency is the name of our game. We’ll happily tell you exactly how your products were created from the cows that mow our plantation grass to the people shipping your coconut oil goodies to you. If you would like to know more about us, how about checking out this article on our story!
4. Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients – It’s so important to know exactly what your body is absorbing from your natural skin care and nutritional products. Be confident that you’ll always get the most accurate and up to date ingredients listings and product images directly from us.
5. Free shipping for all order $49+ on our website*. Ding dong! Coconut delivery! 6. Delicious discounts! Make the most of our website’s fun and fresh sales, we’re always coming up with great deals for our awesome customers. 7. Free surprise sample product with all orders $75+ from our website. Try out a surprise sample of one of our coconut oil product at no additional cost. We’ll include something extra in your box we think you’ll enjoy.
8. Join our Coco Tribe mailing list on our website – keep up to date with all the latest sales, offers, coconut oil tips, giveaways, brand ambassador opportunities and much more.… directly from the coconut tree!
9. Product support beyond the purchase– be confident that we’ll be on hand to help. Whatever you need assistance with, whether it’s how to melt coconut oil, which coconut soaps are biodegradable or which essential oil is best for your pet’s moisturizing shampoo, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to visit the following links to learn all about us:

10. Make friends – give us a call or an email, direct message or secret raven. However you decide to reach out, we’ll be happy you got in touch. (We’re real people who really answer the phone).