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Why You Should Be Exfoliating

  THE BENEFITS OF ORGANIC EXFOLIATORS + A DIY SEA SALT FOOT SCRUB TUTORIAL   Functions of your skin Why you should be exfoliating and how  What type of natural body scrub to use DIY sea salt foot scrub tutorial A turbulent couple of months has left our bodies in need of some well-deserved TLC. While the shelter-in-place order puts off spa-going, our Spa and Wellness consultant Patti Coughlin has put together a comprehensive guide to natural exfoliation and included a bonus DIY spa-at-home sea salt foot scrub tutorial - offering your feet relief while providing [READ MORE...]

2020-12-29T16:55:12-08:00May 13th, 2020|Safer At Home|Comments Off on Why You Should Be Exfoliating

DIY Hand and Arm Massage

  SELF-CARE DURING QUARANTINE:A DIY HAND AND ARM MASSAGE YOU CAN PERFORM AT HOME   Safer at Home: a DIY hand and arm massage you can perform at home during quarantine  What you will need for your DIY hand & arm massage Your step by step tutorial for your DIY hand & arm massage Why we are missing touch during quarantine During this time of social distancing most of us are feeling the need for calm connection and touch. We are here to walk you through a fun and relaxing [READ MORE...]

2020-12-29T17:00:05-08:00April 28th, 2020|Safer At Home|Comments Off on DIY Hand and Arm Massage

DIY Skin Care Face Masks

  SAFER AT HOME SPA DAYS   Safer at Home Spa Days: DIY, Organic Coconut Oil Face Masks with Patti  Spa days are now safer at home. Make an easy DIY face mask with our spa and wellness correspondent Patti.  Explore the fresh ingredients you have at home, so many benefits! Source, mix and enjoy! Your local spa may be closed due to the current pandemic, but we are here to help you bring those pampering and health promoting spa and beauty treatments right to the comfort of your [READ MORE...]

2020-12-29T17:27:21-08:00April 7th, 2020|Safer At Home|Comments Off on DIY Skin Care Face Masks

The Science Behind Soap

THE SCIENCE BEHIND SOAP The Science Behind Soap - Quick reference:  Washing your hands with soap prevents the spread of viruses. It is hard to break up viral particles, but it can be done with soap. We touch our faces... a lot.Water isn't enough - we need soap because it dissolves the glue that holds a virus together.Hand sanitizer is helpful, but nothing beats soap! At the molecular level soap works to break things apart, but at a societal level, it holds everything together. We have a social responsibility to wash our [READ MORE...]

2020-05-24T20:23:00-07:00April 6th, 2020|Safer At Home|Comments Off on The Science Behind Soap

Be Less Cliche This V-Day

Learn how to set yourself apart from nearly 75% of Valentine’s Day shoppers this year. It’s no secret that on Valentine’s Day millions of Americans head out to the florists to get that all-important bouquet of fresh roses for their loved one. Usually, it’s men buying flowers for women, due to traditions some might view as dated or old-fashioned. Flowers Are Far From Original Flowers are great, don’t get us wrong. So is organic dark chocolate, which is both delicious and decent for you (dark chocolate can potentially help [READ MORE...]

2020-05-20T20:47:05-07:00February 8th, 2018|Coconut Oil FAQs|Comments Off on Be Less Cliche This V-Day
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