Although baby massage is often regarded as a modern and emerging practice in the west, mothers have known the benefits of baby massage in Asia and other parts of the world for many hundreds of years. It’s time to shine the light on the magic of infant massage and all it can offer. It is a natural and enjoyable practice that brings an abundance of benefits to mother and baby. Massaging your baby or infant also provides you with an opportunity to understand your baby’s personal and individual non-verbal language, enabling you to respond with love and affection, creating a trusting relationship.

When infant massage is practiced it enhances and promotes deep emotional bonds, which develop in between baby and parent. This is what lays a lifetime foundation of trust, dependability, faith and love between parent and child.

Organic Fiji would like to outline the history of baby massage; the abundance of benefits of massaging your child and also discuss what products you should use. We are confident that after hearing its rewards you will want to get started right away.


Baby massage dates back to ancient civilizations as early as 3,000 years ago. Baby massage is a standard part of a child’s up bringing in places such an India, where parents there know how valuable the practice is to themselves and their children.  The ancient art of infant massage gets passed down through the generations from parent to child, as a family ritual. Massage in general is a normal part of life in eastern countries and it is a familiar activity to children as they grow up. They understand that one day they will be practicing it on their own children.

It is very difficult to pin exactly in the East the practice of baby massage began, but now it is now widely practiced around the world, and recognized by many as being just as essential as the milk we feed our babies.

We can see very different family structures between the East and West cultures, and some would say that infant massage provides reasoning for these differences. We can often see that eastern families bonds are much closer than families in the west, and it is safe to say that practicing baby massage is just one of the ways these bonds are strengthened.

Parents in India use organic coconut oil to practice their baby massage. They also use organic coconut oil in other child care rituals, such as rubbing the organic coconut oil on the baby’s feet and temples before they go to sleep to ensure they have a peaceful and deep sleep. Baby massage is not a trendy phase or fashion, it is an ancient art and way of life that connects you deeply to your baby.



The benefits of baby massage seem never ending. Baby massage is a way of giving mothers a bag of tools to use and to cope with problems and stresses that come with motherhood.

Some first time mothers are quite nervous at handling their babies. Infant massage gives them confidence in touch and pressure. It also deepens the already solid bond between mother and child. Parents begin to learn more about their baby’s ‘cues’ from baby massage.

Baby massage can really assist with post-natal / post-partum depression. It helps encourage mothers. It helps strengthen the connection between mother and baby. It can be empowering and can help overcome mental barriers.

In many countries it is a verified health practice by the government and medical institutions. In England baby massage is endorsed by the national health visitors association, who visit new mothers and babies.


The benefits of infant massage are plentiful for little ones themselves. It assists with so many vital parts of a baby’s life.

Soothes colicCombats baby sinus blockageAssists in the growth of a baby’s motor skills
Helps relieve any tension from environmentIntroduces babies to sensory stimulationHelps alleviate gas
Stimulates production of oxytocin (a natural pain killer hormone)Releases endorphins which ease emotional distressReleases hormones for food absorption
Relieves baby constipationAssists with baby mucus problemsCreates relief from teething pains
Helps with babies who have trouble sleepingStrengthens a baby’s muscles, ligaments & tendonsDevelops sensory stimulation
Pacifies a baby’s fractiousnessHelps develop a baby’s jointsBoosts immune system
Aids digestionBalances respirationFacilitates body awareness
Soothes baby eczemaRelives cradle cap problemsPromotes a good sleep routine for babies
Offers great social interaction for mothersGives baby a sense of spacious awarenessHelps with coordination and movement progression
Softens baby’s skinHelps babies feel lovedSoothes diaper rash and other skin problems

Research has also shown that babies who have been massaged regularly will crawl and walk earlier than their unmassaged peers and are more confident in their adult lives. The discovery of the world around them and the space they live in is enhanced. It also really shows babies what a loving, caring touch is. Infant Massage USA states that ‘It enhances eye-to-eye contact, skin-to-skin contact, body scent, vocalization, taste, and responsiveness’.

It can also be very beneficial for premature babies too. The only touch premature babies tend to get is medical intervention. Baby massage helps premature babies establish a loving connection with touch instead of medical.



Organic coconut oil is a perfect oil to use with baby massage. It is hypoallergenic, natural, organic, soothing, gentle, has a long life span and is also edible. It is important that the oil you use for baby massage is edible in case the baby touches the product on their body and then puts their hands in their mouth. Organic coconut oil is not only edible but is very nutritious for babies! Cold pressed, organic, raw, extra virgin coconut oil will leave no harmful chemicals on your baby’s skin and is not only just gentle enough for little cherubs but also holds many healing benefits for skin too. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and very moisturizing.


There are many brands of baby oil on the market that are not safe to use on your baby. One particular well-known, heavily publicized baby product brand pushes their baby oil as being an excellent medium for baby massage when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. You will not find a professionally qualified massage therapist advocating the benefits of this oil. It has absolutely no nutritional or healing benefits. It is a derivative of petroleum. It can block your baby’s pores, (unlike coconut oil which unblocks pores naturally). It prevents skin from breathing efficiently, it is unsafe for babies to ingest and it also contains many harsh chemicals. It is a synthetic oil which is a result of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. The Holistic Mama states that “Mineral oil acts as a thin layer on the skin. It is difficult to absorb and clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. Our skin plays a large role in the body’s detoxification through sweat. If pores are blocked, the toxins remain in the body for a longer period of time. This alone can be harmful. If mineral oil is ingested, it is broken down by the liver and passes through the intestinal tract. Once in the intestines, mineral oil can absorb all of the fat-soluble vitamins found there. So all those organic foods and vitamin supplements you spend all your money on will get robbed by mineral oil and your body never gets the benefits. It is clear that mineral oil and petrochemicals have no place in skin care products and should never be used on babies or adults”. It is much better to stick to something USDA certified organic. Coconut oil is a perfect fit.


Organic Fiji’s coconut oil is the best quality coconut oil you can buy and would be great to use for infant massage. It has many qualities such as:

Certified USDA organicCold pressed
Extra virginNo harsh chemicals
Raw Vegan
Gluten freeCertified kosher

It also comes in a recyclable container, has not been tested on animals, contains no animal byproducts, contains no harsh ingredients / GMOs / PEGS / Parabens and is produced from a high quality private reserve plantation.


Organic Fiji employs a ‘chemical free’ cold pressed coconut oil process that utilizes a precise set of low temperatures and pressures. Our process produces a coconut oil extract in its purest form; pure antioxidant rich oil that offers superior nourishment and health benefits.

When other brands of coconut oil are exposed to increased temperatures, chemical reactions within the oil also speed up. As the oil’s temperature rises, the faster its antioxidant qualities are destroyed by, oxygen, light, and air from the “pressing” process.

The most important reason to cold press coconut oil is the internal chemical changes that take place in the oil’s molecules at hotter temperatures. The Coconut oil will literally change its form to an unnatural derivative. The unsaturated fatty acids can convert into unnatural trans- fat configurations. Robbing the extracts of all their nutritional and supplementation value.

So why don’t all Organic Fiji’s competitors use Cold Pressed Coconut Oil instead of the “high heat processed” types?

The answer is simple- it’s cheaper. When the “high heat” processed method is employed it yields a greater quantities, extra coconut oil and it is processed at a much faster pass. So almost all of Organic Fiji’s competitors sacrifice the coconut oil’s natural and nourishing qualities to save a few extra dollars. At Organic Fiji we will never sacrifice the quality of our products and all the coconut oil we use in our products is 100% certified USDA organic and is only ever cold pressed.


Organic Fiji’s organic coconut oil can assist you throughout your whole cycle of motherhood. It is a beautiful full circle.

  • As a pregnant mother, you can begin by using it to prevent stretch marks as your precious baby bump and breasts grow.
  • Once your bundle of joy has arrived you can use it for many things such as conducting baby massage, getting rid of cradle cap, getting rid of skin issues, making an organic diaper rash cream, rubbing it onto your baby’s feet at night to help them sleep and much, much more.
  • If you are breast feeding you will find that using cold pressed coconut oil on your nipples helps to heal and soothe them, it’s also edible so is safe for your baby when they feed. If you consume organic coconut oil whilst breast feeding it will also pass on many nutritional benefits through your milk.
  • If you need a kick start to lose your baby weight after the birth, consuming coconut oil can help you speed up your metabolism, lose weight and also give you an energy boost at the same time.


It can be confusing to know exactly what organic coconut oil product to purchase. Our recommendations are as follows

For Baby
: Buy our 12oz or 3oz Fragrance Free organic coconut oil for all of your baby’s skin, hair & body needs, including baby massage. This is Earth’s most gentle and healing substance, perfect for sensitive skin. (Also, the 3oz sizes are ideal for baby bags and carry on luggage).

For You: If you are buying the organic coconut oil for yourself, you may choose to use one of our additional aromas. We offer our organic coconut oils in Lavender, Lemongrass Tangerine and Pineapple Coconut scents too. All fragrances are made with essential oils and natural plant derivatives, so will be gentle on your skin and smell thoroughly amazing.

Nutritional: We also recommend that you buy our 13oz nutritional organic coconut oil for consumption. The benefits of consuming organic coconut oil are huge! It is a super food that has many nutritious values, that will start to change your life inside and out. As well as reaping these benefits yourself, if you are breast feeding you are passing on all these nutrients through your milk too. Great news for you and baby!


If you are interested in starting baby massage but not sure what the first step is, research online for baby or infant massage groups in your areas where mothers can all help to guide each other under the instruction of a professional. There are many books and videos available on the art of massaging your child, but learning along with other parents from a certified instructor is more hands-on, interactive and informative. The professionals will ensure that you are comfortable, confident and doing it correctly. They will also teach you more about how to read your baby’s responses to the massage.