Why is living an eco-conscious life important?

When we choose to purchase products that are biodegradable we are not just making a Eco-friendly decision but a conscious one. It is essential to the ecology of our planet and all beings coinciding in one another’s habitats” explains holistic wellness guru Brandi K. Eco conscious living is part of being a good human being, part of nourishing our environment, part of being a team player and part of cherishing this beautiful world we live in.

The problems that the population and the world face are complex, but the main theme that runs throughout each problem highlights that we need to be more mindful in life, particularly ecologically mindful. In a basic assessment, the main goal for eco conscious living or being environmentally friendly is to save the Earth for future generations, save the animals on Earth from extinction and to live healthier, happier, more natural lives while we inhabit this precious planet.

One of the ways you can be more environmentally friendly is to use biodegradable products. Let’s look at what this means and why you should do it…

What are biodegradable products? 

The Green Good define a biodegradable product as something that “has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. These products can be solids biodegrading into the soil (which we also refer to as compostable), or liquids biodegrading into water”.

Biodegradable products can be recycled by nature herself back to the Earth as part of a full circle. New elements can be born from the old biodegraded elements. Whatever nature designs, nature can reuse when it is no longer needed.

The Good Green states perfectly that “nature has perfected this system – we just need to learn how to participate in it”. Participating in this effort means eliminating non-biodegradable products and materials from our lives and replacing them with elements that can naturally decompose back into nature.

We should also be assessing how responsibly we dispose of materials depending on how long they take to decompose. All materials, even biodegradable items, have different lifespans. For example – biodegradable balloons are often purchased with the belief that they will do no harm if released. These balloons claim to take the same amount of time to decompose as an oak leaf does. This is very misleading; oak leaves are very durable and can take four years to decompose. That means the balloons have plenty of time to injure or kill wildlife. Many sea turtles die from balloons in the water clogging up their digestive tract.

What are the benefits of using biodegradable products?

Protecting nature –
Mindfully choosing to use biodegradable products whilst camping, hiking, fishing, boating (or being any place with exposure to natural habitat) prevents unnecessary chemicals and materials affecting wildlife and ecology. A specific example is when we use water to wash in the wilderness. We have to think where that water is being disposed of and what animals, plants and ecosystems it could affect. This also applies to what we put on our bodies too, putting toxins on our skin and then leaving traces of it in the wild or in water can throw the ecosystem off balance.

Less landfill waste – Biodegradable products reduce landfill amounts, allowing nature to reuse and recycle what has been disposed of.

Your health – Biodegradable products are not toxic to you and your family and create a healthier environment for you to live in. If something is able to biodegrade naturally, it won’t contain harsh ingredients or be made from harmful materials.

Less pollution – Less pollution is created when producing biodegradable products. Less dangerous chemicals are being dispersed that can poison water and pollute our air around us.

Sustainability – biodegradable products enhance sustainability on the earth and create a healthy cycle in life from which we can keep benefitting from.

Protects Earth – creating less landfill waste, less pollution, and less environmental toxins helps to preserve our Earth for generations to come. It creates sustainability, healthier lifestyles, and happier ecosystems.

Organic Fiji’s biodegradable coconut oil products:

Organic Fiji offers organic, cold pressed, raw coconut oil products that are also biodegradable. The ingredients in these products have been tested and confirmed as biodegradable, meaning nature can decompose these particles safely. Not only are these products free of harsh chemicals, toxins, PEGS, GMOs, parabens and more, they also support nature’s recycling system and will not negatively impact our Earth’s eco-systems.

  • Organic Fiji biodegradable soaps can be used as a body wash, face wash, shampoo and deodorant. Perfect for staying clean and fresh when exploring the wilderness of this beautiful world. It’s also gentle enough to use on your children or pets! (We recommend our Fragrance Free Coconut Oil Soap for sensitive skin). You can even use it to wash dirty hiking clothes on your trip.
  • Organic Fiji biodegradable coconut oils can be used to moisturize skin, condition hair, for natural SPF, as a holistic medical ointment, as a bug bite soother, a natural makeup remover and more – perfect for use when camping, in the wilderness or in water.This raw product is versatile and bursting with holistic benefits, helping you save spaceon your adventures. [Ideal for water adventures – Surfers love using Organic Fiji on their bodies because they know when they step foot in the ocean, the residue won’t harm the waters or the creatures that call it home].
  • Organic Fiji biodegradable lip balms are a wonderful, organic, nourishing option for when you’re on the water. No toxic residues will be left as you swim underwater through the waves.
  • Organic Fiji  biodegradable body polishes are also available for a luxurious and natural exfoliating experience.

*Organic Fiji biodegradable raw coconut oils and cleansing soaps are the perfect eco-friendly combo for summer festivals!*

10 ways you can become more environmentally friendly and mindful in your life:

These ten tips are a great starting place to achieving a greener, more environmentally friendly life. Once you start the ball rolling towards an eco-conscious future, stretch and expand even further. There is so much just one person can do to make positive changes. You are the beginning, you are the future.

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew” ~ Marshall McLuhan.

  1. *Biodegradable Products*: Use biodegradable products. Tip> Especially in the wilderness, on the water or when product remnants run into any natural habitat.
  2. Awareness & Conservation: Become aware of resources, how much you use and how you use it. Then conserve. Tip> try starting with water! 
  3. Mindful Travel: Choose walking or cycling over a vehicle. Choose car pooling or public transport over driving alone. Tip> look into hybrid or electric cars too.
  4. Wildlife: Protect wildlife and their surroundings. Tip> look into local conservation programs and organizations. 
  5. R.R.R: Use the RRR rule – Reduce, reuse and recycle. Tip> Start with eliminating plastic / disposable bags and using reusable bags.
  6. Community Care: Don’t litter. Keep your community clean. Tip> look for local clean up days and community projects. 
  7. Local love: Buy locally grown and made products. Tip> make use of your local farmer’s markets
  8. Rid your life of Chemicals: Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients in your life. Tip> choose organic! Invest in your health. Read ingredients. 
  9. Green Thumb: Start a compost and plant trees. Tip> use compost nutrient soil to grow your own fruit and veg. Learn how trees help our environment. 
  10. Learn: Become educated on environmental issues, specific solutions, how you can implement change and then pass on your knowledge.

10 great eco green living organizations to check out: 

  1. The Greenists
  2. It’s Not Easy To Be Green
  3. Reduce Footprints
  4. Green Living Guy
  5. Groovy Green Living
  6. Planet Save
  7. EnviroGadget
  8. Global Green Travel
  9. The Eco Diva
  10. Eco Mama’s Guide to Living Green

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world” ~ John Muir