Be Less Cliche This V-Day

Learn how to set yourself apart from nearly 75% of Valentine’s Day shoppers this year. It’s no secret that on Valentine’s Day millions of Americans head out to the florists to get that all-important bouquet of fresh roses for their loved one. Usually, it’s men buying flowers for women, due to traditions some might view as dated or old-fashioned. Flowers Are Far From Original Flowers are great, don’t get us wrong. So is organic dark chocolate, which is both delicious and decent for you (dark chocolate can potentially help [READ MORE...]

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Veterans Day Give Away

WE WANT TO SEND YOUR SERVICE MEMBER FREE COCONUT OIL GOODIES! Organic Fiji would like to show our gratitude and love to U.S military members by sending your deployed active duty hero a box of organic coconut oil goodies! Whether it's your sibling, spouse, parent, child or friend - surprise them with some luxury coconut oil products while they are away from home. We send the products for free and cover the shipping costs too! All you have to do is enter this simple social media contest. Read on to [READ MORE...]

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Fijian Culture – Life with Coconuts

Island Life Fiji - the land of tropical bliss, dream like beaches, bountiful beauty and smiling "bula bula"s. A paradise fringed with clear waves and scattered with coconut trees. The magic of Fiji runs deeper than just the beauty of its landscape. It's thick with tropical culture and island traditions - passed on from generation to generation. Fiji consists mainly of villages, honoring their culture in daily life. Home grown, hand made and freshly caught is the way it goes for most locals. Coconuts are a big part of [READ MORE...]

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Biodegradable Skin Care

Why is living an eco-conscious life important? "When we choose to purchase products that are biodegradable we are not just making a Eco-friendly decision but a conscious one. It is essential to the ecology of our planet and all beings coinciding in one another's habitats" explains holistic wellness guru Brandi K. Eco conscious living is part of being a good human being, part of nourishing our environment, part of being a team player and part of cherishing this beautiful world we live in. The problems that the population and the [READ MORE...]

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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has an entire host of benefits when it comes to beauty and health. It’s a big reason why so many people have jumped on the coconut oil train in recent years. What’s the Big Deal About Coconut Oil? This magical product has healthy fats for dietary benefits, but it can also be used to fortify and strengthen your hair, as well as moisturize the skin. Coconut oil also has several other uses around the home. The Hair The coconut produces a nourishing oil which has literally been [READ MORE...]

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The Best Ways to Liquefy Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil solidifies under 76 degrees If your organic coconut oil is solid, do not fear! It's still in perfect condition. It has not gone bad.    Solidified coconut oil is completely normal. In fact, it is extremely rare to ever see organic coconut oil that will not solidify under 76 degrees. If your organic coconut oil is cold and in a liquid state, there is probably another ingredient mixed in with it.    Coconut oil can be used on your skin, body or hair in either a [READ MORE...]

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