Using Organic Coconut Oil as a Natural Energy Supplement in Your Diet

Coconut oil for energy

Organic Fiji’s nutritional organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is a great addition to your diet. Cold-pressed coconut oil is a wondrous natural dietary supplement, offering the body seemingly endless benefits. Not only does it aid your digestion track, burn fat at a rapid pace, speed up your metabolism and fight internal infections but it can also be used as a natural energy boost. Offering you pure, organic energy and endurance straight from the Earth. Read on to find out what kind of coconut oil you should be consuming and how it works to create a balanced source of energy within your body. Explore all the health benefits of coconut oil!

Why does it need to be cold-pressed?

When trying coconut oil as a natural energy supplement, it is important to use coconut oil that is organic, unrefined and cold-pressed. Coconut oil in its very natural state can offer a multitude of benefits inside and out. It can give you a great holistic energy boost to enhance physical and mental alertness and sustain long term energy levels. However, when coconut oil is refined or extracted using heat then it loses its unique molecular structure and the beneficial qualities are destroyed. Organic Fiji offers you a pure coconut oil that is only ever cold-pressed and never refined. Our coconuts are grown on our private reserve plantation in Fiji, growing from soil rich in nutrients and free from pollution.

How does it work?


Coconut oil has a unique molecular fat structure which consists mostly of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These MCFAs are easily digested, give an immediate energy boost and can also help to speed up your metabolism. Studies show that the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil increase 24-hour energy expenditure and offer the opportunity for significant weight loss too.

A superfood:

A Cold-pressed coconut oil is considered as both a superfood and a healing medicinal substance to many doctors, dieticians and nutritionists. Mary Trenda, MS / RD / LDN, talks coconut oil in Today’s Dietician: “As RDs, we often support the health benefits of coconut oil without really even knowing it. We know that MCT oils are extremely beneficial in our tube-feeding patients, as these oils are absorbed directly into the portal system without the use of bile. This means it would be just as easy to absorb for our average Joe as well. I like to think of coconut oil as an instant energy boost because it produces energy, not fat. It has been shown to increase metabolism, protect against diseases, increase immunity, and aid in killing bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil is a superfood, and RDs need to be recommending it to patients.”

Increasing your energy levels:

Coconut oil is a great supplement for everyone, but particularly those hoping to increase their physical and mental energy levels naturally. Long distance runners find adding organic coconut oil to their diet very helpful as it assists in balancing energy levels and sustaining physical endurance. The Women’s Running organization states that “the healthy fats in coconut oil increase energy expenditure—aka longer runs! An article published in Lipids in Health and Disease found when women with abdominal obesity ate 1 ounce of coconut oil per day, they were able to reduce both body mass and waist circumference within 12 weeks”.

Long lasting energy:

The McGill School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition’s report on coconut oil shows that the MCTs in organic, cold-pressed coconut oil provide a long term energy that your body can maintain easily without the crash. It also helps to boost your metabolism speeding up fat loss, a great natural dietary supplement. The body doesn’t store medium chain fatty acids as fat, the liver promotes them immediately as a natural source of energy.

Stable energy and weight loss:

Today’s Dietician’ discusses recent studies on coconut oil, weight loss and energy levels. “The unique structure of the MCT fats in coconut oil make them easier to burn and harder to store in adipose tissues compared with the LCFAs found in most other fats, including olive oil. Increased postprandial thermogenesis and energy expenditure have been observed in both lean and obese subjects following the ingestion of as little as 5 to 10 g to as much as 30 g of MCT oil within a meal compared with the same amount of LCFAs. Many participants involved in some of the weight-loss studies using coconut or MCT oil also have reported higher satiety and more stable energy levels, which can facilitate weight loss”.

No crash:

Try introducing coconut oil as a natural energy supplement before exercising, your body will get an organic energy kick that will enhance power and endurance without using chemicals or dangerous ingredients. It can also stimulate mental energy levels, keeping you alert and focused. Many athletes are now using coconut oil in their diets to help sustain and balance their energy levels throughout their exercising regimes. Ditch the rollercoaster up and downs of sugary products, coffee and energy drinks, try coconut oil for a stable increase in energy with no crash.

Get active, get healthy, get organic!

Organic Fiji’s Nutritional Oil

Organic Fiji offers a nutritional coconut oil which is 100% USDA organic, unrefined and cold-pressed to ensure all its benefits are kept intact. Our organic coconut oil comes in a 13oz. jar, a perfect addition to your kitchen. Try cooking with it, including it in smoothies, spreading it on crackers, mixing it with honey on toast, stirring it into your coffee or simply enjoying a spoonful in its pure state. Enjoy a natural and organic energy source, a true gift from the Earth to your body.