Organic Coconut Oil is a great way to luxuriate your hair. From natural intensive hair treatments to styling secrets, it works wonders with all different hair types. Follow our organic beauty tips and get ready to have those luscious locks you have always dreamed about. Use coconut oil for your hair, a true gift from nature.

How it works

The health benefits of coconut oil are due to its small molecular structure. Its undersized structure promotes easy absorption through the hair follicles. Coconut Oil’s deep moisturizing properties rapidly hydrate, condition and shield hair from moisture loss. Most leading hair and skin care products use harsh ingredients, chemicals and over processed low-grade fats, which don’t offer you the same benefits. This is why organic, cold pressed coconut oil is such a great treatment for your hair.

Due to the beneficial molecular structure of organic coconut oil, this pure gift from the Earth can actually penetrate your hair follicles (the hair’s anchor into the skin) and your hair cortex (the inner part of the hair structure), rather than simply coating the outer layer of the hair. This encourages your hair’s strength, shine and elasticity.

Organic coconut oil can treat hair so it is less likely to break, to get damaged from heated hair tools, to get environmentally damaged, to break into split ends and much more! Coconut oil will stimulate so deep inside the hair center that it will continue to protect your hair, wash after wash.

Our coconut Oil

Treat, style and protect your hair naturally and organically. Our coconut oil is not only certified USDA organic by Oregon Tilth but it’s also cold-pressed to ensure none of the coconut oil’s goodness is lost with heat.

Note: Organic Coconut Oil solidifies under 76F.  To warm it, you can just run the bottle under hot water, leave the bottle in the sunshine or even hold the bottle in your hands to warm up. Here are some more tips on liquefying coconut oil. 

Intensive conditioning treatment

You can skip that expensive hot oil treatment at the salon and get the same results with a little help from Organic Fiji.  Leave your hair looking shiny, feeling smooth, while providing the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals required for nourishing damaged hair. You will also be getting a scalp treatment at the same time you’re treating your hair. A regular hair and scalp treatment with Organic Fiji’s Coconut oil will prevent dandruff, heat damage, sun damage, lice, split ends, moisture loss and more. Keep your hair healthy, naturally.

To perform an intensive conditioning treatment on your hair, you should follow the steps below. This method should then be adjusted to suit your personal hair type. Variables will change depending on length, thickness and type of hair.

  1. SHAMPOO – wash hair with warm water, rinse and towel dry.
  2. TREAT – Cover the hair with (liquefied) organic coconut oil, working from the ends up. The amount applied will depend on the length and thickness of hair. If you have fine or greasy hair, stay away from the roots and focus on the ends of the hair.
  3. TIME – Leave for a convenient amount of time. The longer the oil is on your hair the more intense the treatment. (For best results wrap hair up in a warm towel and leave on overnight).
  4. SHAMPOO – Wash the coconut oil hair treatment thoroughly out of your hair. You may need to shampoo and rinse twice to get all of the oil out. Massage the scalp and hair briskly as you rinse.
  5. CONDITION – Use a little of your regular conditioner for the ends of your hair for extra nutrients. 
  6. RINSE – End with a cold water rinse. 
  7. ENJOY – Dry and style hair as normal

Note: If you have very fine hair, your hair may look a little flat the first time you do the treatment. This is due to the extreme conditioning your hair is adjusting to. It will be clinging on to and soaking in the organic nutrients from the coconut oil. Don’t panic! Continuing these treatments (and adjusting coconut oil amounts to suit your needs) will strengthen your hair and give your locks a new lease of life!

It helps to know that the hair’s made up of scales, the warm water opens them and the cold closes them. The oil treatment will be much more productive if the scales are opened first. The cold water closes the scales and locks in the moisture, making the treatment last longer, even after following washes.

Hair Tangle solution

Organic coconut oil is very helpful as a de-tangle treatment! Trying to get tangles out of your hair can be painful and can break hairs. Try using coconut oil to assist you. It not only makes detangling easier, but it will save your hair from so many breakages too. It will also work on your hair and scalp as an organic moisturizing mask while you comb. Great after a day at the beach or for children with knotty hair!

Hair serum

Pure coconut oil can also be used as a smoothing hair serum! Rub a small dab of oil into your palm and glide over the ends of your hair to smooth down frizz or split ends. Leave hair looking shiny and sleek with an at home coconut oil serum treatment.

Note: With both this method, we remind you to only use a very small amount, as too much can leave your hair looking a little greasy. 

Hair styling oil

Organic Fiji’s coconut Oil for hair can also be used in your styling routine too. You can use it to achieve flowing, silky straight hair, wonderfully glossy, well-defined curls and even as a smoothing serum for that unwanted frizz.

To style straight: Wash and dry as usual. (Straighten with straightening irons too at this point for best effects). Next rub a tiny droplet of oil in your palm and smooth over the ends of your hair with your hands flat. This helps keeps the hair straight and silky, and also eliminates any possible frizz or visible split ends.

To style curly: Wash, towel dry and wet scrunch hair to initiate curls. When the hair is still a little damp, rub a tiny droplet of oil in your hands and scrunch over the curls. (Your usual curling products can be used in conjunction with our coconut oil).  Whilst hair is drying, scrunch at intervals, or dry with a curling diffuser. The coconut oil eliminates any possible frizz and also leaves you with well-defined, silky curls. For best results spray your curls with hairspray to hold the curls in place.

Note: With both these methods, we remind you to only use a very small amount, as too much can leave your hair looking a little greasy.

Protecting Oil: Heat, UV rays, salt & other environmental factors

Organic coconut oil can also act as a barrier around each scale and hair, protecting the hair and scalp from heat damage, which can be caused by hair dryers, heated hair appliances and the sun.

Islanders swear by coconut oil to protect themselves from the sun, especially their hair! They use it as a barrier to protect themselves from the UV rays, and to stop their hair and skin drying out and becoming damaged.

If you live in a sunny area, or are going on vacation, coconut oil is great for a protecting agent against the sun’s powerful rays on your hair, the salt from the ocean as well as those damaging styling appliances.

Lice Treatment

One of the great ways you can use cold-pressed coconut oil in your hair is as a holistic lice removal treatment. Perfect for families looking for natural alternatives for their kids! Raw coconut oil naturally gets rid of lice by cutting off their air and food supply, making it impossible for the lice to live in the hair. The extra virgin coconut oil coating on the hairs also makes it too slick for the lice to attach their eggs, making it difficult for them to reproduce. Read more about coconut oil and lice removal here. 

Hair Regrowth

Coconut oil can stimulate stubborn and inactive hair follicles when massaged into the scalp, nourishing the hair roots and encouraging hair regrowth. Try a coconut oil scalp treatment for natural hair growth!