Introducing coconut oil lice treatments! One of the great ways you can use cold-pressed coconut oil in your hair is as a holistic and natural way to get rid of lice. People around the world are seeking ways to replace household or over the counter chemical treatments with natural, alternative methods which do not contain toxic ingredients. We explore the benefits of Organic Fiji’s USDA certified organic, cold-pressed coconut oil as a natural lice removal treatment.

New York Lice Specialist, Barbara Gips talks to us about how she uses Organic Fiji’s cold-pressed coconut oil lice treatments within her lice removal service.

Lice Connection is an in-home head lice and nit removal company in Westchester County, New York. Founder & Lice Removal Specialist, Barbara Gips uses only natural, non-toxic products and the highest quality tools along with her proven technique to remove head lice and nits in a single visit in the comfort and privacy of your own home. (For more information or lice advice, visit or call 914-666-LICE).

After the important process of ‘nit picking’, Lice Connection uses Organic Fiji’s pure coconut oil to rub into and comb through the hair with a nit comb. This ensures that all the remaining lice and nits are removed. The hair is combed in three different directions and the lice then slide out of the hair onto the comb. Clients are then asked to leave the coconut oil lie treatment in their hair for at least 8 hours. The USDA certified coconut oil is left on the hair to suffocate and starve any bugs that might have been missed.

Barbara prefers using Organic Fiji over other coconut oil brands because of the USDA organic quality of the coconut oil and also because Organic Fiji offers an organic lavender option. The USDA organic, essential oil of Lavender is not only therapeutic and calming but is also a natural lice repellent too.

Organic Fiji’s Lavender Coconut Oil is used as a part of her lice removal process because the organic coconut oil naturally gets rid of lice by cutting off their air and food supply, making it impossible for the lice to live in the client’s hair. The extra virgin coconut oil lice treatment coating on the hairs also makes it too slick for the lice to attach their eggs, making it difficult for them to reproduce. This is an important step in the natural lice treatment.

Lice connection have been using this method successfully for over 7 years. They strongly believe in Organic Fiji’s USDA organic coconut oil as a valuable part of their natural lice treatments and are rewarded with positive results client after client.

Barbara also believes in the goodness of organic coconut oil for more than just natural lice removal. She also likes to use it as a natural bug repellent, a mosquito bite soothing ointment, a lasting psoriasis treatment and a gentle sunburn healer. So much more than just a moisturizer!

As well as getting rid of lice and making it difficult for them to reproduce, organic coconut oil can also help to relieve the scalp and condition the hair. Repetitive scratching can cause scalp irritation. This can be soothed gently with coconut oil. It can also treat dandruff and be used as an intensive conditioning treatment too, a multi-dimensional product that does not contain any chemicals, harsh ingredients, GMOs or animal byproducts. Not only will you be lice free, you’ll be tangle free and be able to show off a healthy scalp and head of hair too!