Looking for an organic make-up remover? Try using our Certified Organic Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is not only good for removing face make-up, but also for make-up around the eye. It even removes waterproof makeup too! All of Organic Fiji‘s oils are safe to use on your face and body. If you like aromatic fragrances try our Pineapple Coconut, Lemongrass Tangerine or Lavender 12oz Coconut Oil. If you prefer no fragrance try using our 12oz Fragrance Free Coconut Oil. If you travel often check out travel size 3oz oils! Some make-up can leave your skin feeling dry or irritated at the end of the day. By using our coconut oil you can replenish your skin as you remove your make-up. The coconut oil itself is so versatile that you can either use it on a cotton ball/pad or make your own make-up remover wipes.

Using a Cotton Ball:

Step 1: Put a small amount of Organic Fiji’s 12oz Fragrance Free coconut oil onto a cotton ball / pad.

Step 2: Circularly rub the cotton ball into the needed areas.

ess oil into the skin and enjoy as an organic eye serum after removing makeup. This will help to protect the sensitive skin and keep your face balanced, fresh and looking young.  (Or, if you wish to remove the excess oil, use some warm water to wash your face and pat dry).

Making your own make-up remover wipes:

What you need:

1 bowl to microwave

1 paper towel roll

12oz bottle of Organic Fiji’s Fragrance Free Coconut Oil

1 container that has a snap on lid

1 tear-free wash (baby wash works best)

An exacto-knife or scissors

Step 1: Microwave 2 squirts of tear-free wash, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 cups of purified water

Step 2: Cut the paper towels hamburger style to fit the snap on container

Step 3: Fit the paper towels into the container and pour the microwaved mixture over the paper towels and into the container

Step 4:  Add the lid to the top- flip it over to let the solution absorb into the paper towels. Leave it for approximately 5 minutes

Step 5: Once the towels have absorbs the solution, remove the cardboard from the paper towels (this should not be too difficult if it is soaked in properly

Optional Step 6: If you would like to pull the wipes through the top of the lid cut an X in the top of it, pull the beginning of the paper towel roll through the top and you’re done! If you do not want the wipes sticking out the top leave the lid as is. 

Random Fact: You can use coconut oil to remove a heavy adhesive. For example if you have a large bandage sticking to the hair on your skin try rubbing coconut oil around the area to lubricate the adhesive. It’s pain free too!