Soft and Glowing Skin with Organic Fiji Coconut Oil Baby Oil

Is your current baby oil product not living up to its promise? Are you concerned about the health benefits of a more organic alternative? Did you know that you can use organic coconut oil for babies? You can make a switch from your regular brand to Organic Fijis coconut oil as your baby oil instead, and your baby’s skin will surely be in for a great treat.

Coconut oil has been used by the people in the tropics to nourish and protect their skin and hair; no wonder they have such radiant and glowing appearances despite the harsh tropical sun. And yes, Coconut Oil is the Baby Oil of choice all across the tropical world!

Organic Coconut Baby Oil vs. Regular Baby Oil

Coconut oil, in its purest and most organic form, is much more superior and effective oil compared to regular baby oil in terms of health benefits. When used for the skin, organic coconut oil baby oil is proven to alleviate minor skin irritations and rashes. Organic Coconut Oil, which is very different from the commercialized coconut oil, is also beneficial for a number of medical disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and skin allergies. But the main benefit of organic coconut oil over regular commercial Baby Oil is the natural moisturizing properties of Organic Coconut Oil. The medium chain fatty acids loaded in Coconut Oil absorb through your pores like a sponge unlike the commercial hydrogenated fats used in Baby Oils. Used on damp skin Organic Fijis Raw Coconut Oil will retain even more moisture, perfect for just after the bath. Don’t forget to save some for yourself! Organic Fijis Coconut Oil will make you and your baby’s skin as soft as a Baby’s- Well, you get the idea!

More Reasons to Choose Organic Coconut Oil over Commercial Oil for your Baby

You may have been an avid user of just any Baby Oil sold at your favorite store, but little do most people know that regular baby oils contain merely mineral oil and some added fragrance. Mineral oils, which are suspected carcinogens, are actually petroleum byproducts, simply refined and processed to meet cosmetic standards. Imagine applying them on your skin or worse, on your baby’s skin! Fortunately, Organic Fijis organic coconut oil for babies has made its way to the market to meet the growing demand of products derived from all-organic ingredients. Many coconut oil baby oil brands may boast of the quality of their oils, but Organic Fiji has the superior advantage of using only pure USDA Certified Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. With this label, you are assured that the coconuts used to extract oil from have been naturally grown without the help of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or the use of any harsh manufacturing processes.

The Cold-Pressed Method Advantage

Not only does the organic coconut oil for babies from Organic Fiji boast of its high quality from using organically grown coconuts, but also of the manner of its processing. Similar products from other manufacturers utilize high heat and pressure to increase their oil yield and to hasten the oil extraction process, destroying much of the oils nourishing and antioxidant property. Organic Fiji employs the cold-pressed process, a technique whereby oil is extracted from coconut meat at temperatures lower than 115F and at low pressure, without resorting to chemical solvents or additives, thereby resulting to pure, nutrient-rich and high-quality coconut oil extracts. This process has enabled Organic Fijis Coconut Oil to retain strong antioxidant properties that delay aging by fighting free radicals released from cells. Using Organic Fijis coconut oil as your baby oil, you are sure that quality is never compromised. You can trust you are using the safest product on the market on your babies skin.

Using Organic Fiji Coconut Oil on your Baby

Coconut oil is easily and quickly absorbed into your skin, you are assured that no harmful chemicals enter your system. You can use the oil to moisturize and soften your skin and strengthen your nails, or use it to treat and prevent cradle cap on your baby’s head. You can also apply it on your baby bump to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, or use it to condition your hair, or perhaps use it as your go-to massage oil for you or your baby’s massage oil. Using Organic Fiji Coconut Oil as your baby oil is perfect for everyday use, however you want to use it for.

So go ahead, grab yourself a bottle of Organic Fiji Coconut Oil and indulge your senses in this wonderful organic treat for you and your baby!