Searching for a Product to Help, Prevent or Heal Stretch Marks?

Organic Coconut Oil is the perfect choice when you want to moisturize dry skin, massage for relaxation or even repair flaws . . . including stretch marks! Even though pregnancy might be the most typical time for stretch marks to appear, it is not the only incidence. Other situations that manifest this breakdown of the skin are weight gain, growth spurts during puberty and body building. This is why understanding the benefit of Organic Coconut oil is valuable to either gender or any age group. Recent studies have shown that even normal everyday stress and lifestyle choices can predispose your skin to these unwanted scars.

Prevention and Repair 

It is reassuring to learn that there is a simple solution; frequent applications of Organic Fiji’s Coconut Body Oils and Coconut Oil Lotions will keep the skin supple and flexible retaining its natural elasticity. Applying Organic Coconut Oil to the skin throughout pregnancy has been proven to help prevent stretch mark damage and scarring. Not only can it prevent stretch marks in many cases, but it can also lessen the appearance of existing ones. Vitamin E has long been a remedy for skin imperfections, and Organic Fijis Coconut Body Oils and Coconut Oil Lotions deliver it at its very best.

The Cause is Twofold

When your skin is stretching faster than your body can produce collagen, you are likely to form stretch marks. If you add a genetic tendency and any of the stress triggers that occur during pregnancy, puberty or weight gain, you have a combination of factors working against you. When the skin is giving out under this pressure it is also forming hormones know as Glucocorticoids. The stress hormone Cortisol is probably the most common, and our bodies produce an abundance of it as a response to any stress or anxiety. Put all this together and you can see that stretch marks have both internal and external forces working in their favor.

An Ideal Solution 

Fortunately, Fijis Organic Coconut oil offers a perfect solution for all causes behind the stretch marks or the stress. On the outside, there is nothing better than using a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to massage the affected area. Not only will it restore the skin’s elasticity, but it also provides important antioxidants to fight free-radical damage. For best results apply one of Organic Fiji’s Body Oils 2-3 times daily to keep skin elasticity up to prevent stretch mark development. Organic Fiji’s Organic Sugar Scrub, our Organic Exfoliant, is yet another aid offered to fight the effects of Stretch Marks. Used best while right out of the bath when skin is wet or damp, the sugar polish not only nourishes your skin with Organic Coconut Oil leaving your skin extra soft and flexible, but also help buff away damaged skin cells. Organic Cane Sugar is a natural source of Glycolic Acid which helps loosen dead skin cells while rejuvenating damaged ones. Combine that with Certified Coconut Oil’s deep moisturizing properties that rapidly hydrate, replenish lost vitamins, and protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals. This product can really transform and prevent the onset of stretch marks. We recommend using this each time after bathing for best results.

Internally, integrating Organic Coconut oil Cooking Oil into your diet is also valuable. The addition of Cold-Pressed, Organic Coconut Oil, with its many antioxidant qualities, will take on the battle from the inside out by helping with digestion, nutrient absorption and even weight loss. All this together can help relieve stress, and that in turn can reduce the production of Cortisol. Also, the medium chain fatty acids loaded in the coconut oil is highly nutritious for a developing baby. 2-3 tablespoons daily for best results. By using products with Organic Coconut oil, you get the whole package working inside and out.

The Cold Pressed Process is Important 

Most coconut oil products are exposed to hot temperatures that actually cause unwanted chemical reactions.     This method may cost less and produce faster, but it does so at the cost of destroying many of the natural antioxidants that make Organic Virgin Coconut oil effective. Because this also affects the properties of the fatty acid molecules, the oil can even end up a bit toxic.     To ensure you receive every possible health benefit available in this amazing fruit of nature, Organic Fiji guarantees USDA Pure Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil in all of its products.