Winter Is Coming

Winter, the time of snowy wonderlands, Santa’s sleigh tracks, playing on the slopes, hot chocolate with marshmallows and snowball fights! But, as the temperature drops and we enter the colder months your skin can start to suffer. Winter can dry out your skin, imbalance your complexion, leave your lips cracked and enhance the tenderness of certain skin conditions. Organic Fiji has some natural, soothing tips and ideas on how to combat the cold weather problems with the natural goodness of organic coconut oil.

Cold Weather Problems – A Closer Look

When temperatures drop the humidity usually does too, which simply means drier skin, especially skin that’s exposed like your face, lips and hands. Cold, dry weather can strip away your natural oils. As we get older, our ability to make more sebum (natural skin oil) goes down so it’s important to replenish it. Chilly winds also deprive skin of moisture, leaving your skin dry, red and sore. Some skin conditions such as eczema can also flare up or get worse in the winter. Whatever the temperature, protecting your skin against sun damage should always be a top priority too.

Winter Activities

Winter sports and activities in particular can leave your skin feeling vulnerable against the elements. Cold air, harsh winds and strong sun can take their toll on you, leaving your skin dehydrated and sore. Try using a natural, nourishing coconut oil lotion to start your ski or snowboard days with, putting your skin one step ahead of the game. After a day out in the cold and the snow treat your skin, body and hair to an intensive coconut oil hydration treatment. Try using one of Organic Fiji’s organic, cold pressed coconut oils to conduct a face mask, hair treatment or full body massage. Also, be sure to keep an Organic Fiji USDA coconut oil lip balm handy in one of your ski coat pockets to pull out on the slope. Lips can get chapped and cracked more easily when exposed to the harsh weather, the organic coconut oil and other organic essential oils will help sooth and protect your lips. This will even give them a natural SPF against the mountain top sunshine. When your feet are sore from a whole day in snow boots, try massaging them with one of our natural pure coconut oils to relax, soothe and heal them ready for your fun on the slopes the following day. Our hands are often the part of our body that suffer most in winter, be sure to treat and moisturize hands with one of our organic coconut oil products to stop them from getting dry and sore. Enjoy all the magic and fun winter has to offer without putting your skin, body & hair through anguish.

TIP: Forgot to wear your gloves out in the cold? Hands chapped and sore around the knuckles and nails? Soak your dry hands in a layer of organic coconut oil while you watch tv -OR- try rubbing organic coconut oil over hands and inserting them into rubber gloves for an extended amount of time for an intensive hand treatment!

Hot Bath

Organic Fiji recommends using organic coconut oil products in a hot bath to warm up your toes, moisturize your skin, treat your hair and enliven your island spirit! It’s a wonderful, luxurious way to quench and protect your skin whilst relaxing with one of Earth’s most beneficial treasures – pure coconut oil! Take a bottle of our organic, cold pressed oil, (Lavender, Lemongrass Tangerine, Pineapple Coconut or Fragrance Free) and float it with the lid on in your warm bath while you relax. After a few minutes the pure coconut oil should be fully liquefied. (Read more on why coconut oil solidifies). Pour a small amount into your hand and smooth over the whole of your body. You can also pour a little into the bath water so the coconut oil soaks into your warm, open pores. It’s perfect for a wholesome, natural facial treatment too! Let the organic coconut oil get to work at healing your winter skin, soothing any skin conditions, replenishing natural oils and moisturizing your body as you exhale your worries away in the comfort of the steamy waters. If you have a partner in the bath, perhaps you’re lucky enough to use the oil to hydrate and soothe the other with a tranquil massage. The same method can be used with one of our organic sugar scrubs as a natural body polish. As the organic cane sugar exfoliates and smooths your skin, freeing it from dead skin cells, the USDA organic coconut oil gets to work moisturizing and treating your dry skin. After your coconut oil treatments, be sure not to soap off any oil so it can continue soaking into your skin and then towel dry with gentle pats. This ensures your body gets the most from the natural benefits of this wondrous unrefined coconut oil.

TIP: If your hair needs some natural nourishing you can also use the time in the bath to complete an Organic Fiji intensive conditioning hair treatment. Coconut oil hair masks can do wonders for tired, dry locks. Moisturize, treat and heal your wintery split ends with coconut oil, leaving your hair glossy, smooth and healthy. Read more to find out how.


Try Organic Fiji’s tropical skin care product range inspired by the wonders of the Fiji Islands to shoo away your winter blues and keep your skin nourished. Our organic lip balms, travel sized coconut oil lotions and mini raw coconut oils are handy products to have in your pocket / purse during the cold months to keep your skin and hair healthy. We recommend our full sized raw coconut oils and jars of coconut oil body scrubs to use at home and as a luxurious addition to winter baths. Replacing cleansers or soaps that strip natural oils with one of our natural coconut oil soaps is a great idea too (especially our Teatree Spearmint soap for skin conditions such as eczema!). Finally, don’t forget to try using our organic, cold pressed, nutritional coconut oil in all of your favorite holiday recipes for a healthy and delicious alternative to butters and cheaply made oils. Unlock all the wonders of organic coconut oil this winter!