Where does our organic coconut oil come from?

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The tale of Organic Fiji starts on a beautiful group of islands far, far away. These tropical, South Pacific islands are home to the incredible coconuts that produce our delicious and beneficial coconut oil. The photographs from our private reserve coconut oil plantation below tell a magical yet true tale of where our coconut oil is born and the love that goes into its production.

Fiji Bure in traditional village postage stamp organic fiji's coconut trees at organic plantation
Our private reserve plantation is a 130 year old location nestled in the volcanic mountains looking over the South Pacific.Our coconuts are grown on extremely rich, high altitude soil.
organic fiji's plantation view of ocean organic fiji's plantation view from plane
Our organic coconuts are protected in this natural environment, free from the chemicals and pollutants of man. They are rich in minerals and nutrients from the core of the Earth. The coconuts grown at this plantation are cold pressed to produce pure, USDA certified organic, virgin coconut oil.
organic fiji's plantation coconut palm trees organic green coconuts
Cold pressed extraction ensures that all the goodness of the coconut is kept intact. It delivers a rich, more superior taste than oil extracted with heat or other methods and provides the coconut’s molecular structure and nutrients in their purest form. (Many other coconut oil companies will use heat to extract their coconut oil because it is a lot cheaper, but it does not deliver the coconut’s true benefits and destroys its unique form). 
organic coconut oil being made coconuts lifted at organic fiji's plantation

The coconut oil plantation burns the coconut husks after use to provide a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy for the plantation and the surrounding communities.

organic coconuts on floor organic fiji's private reserve plantation grounds


The organic coconuts naturally fall to the ground when they are ready to be harvested. The coconuts are then collected. The grass surrounding the trees at the plantation is kept short by happy yet hard-working cows. All the plantation employees are paid fairly for the hard work and love they put into harvesting this miracle oil.

organic fiji's plantation lawnmower organic fiji's plantation guardfish

This plantation not only produces a valuable ingredient that holds so many benefits, but is also socially responsible for its working actions.

birds at organic fiji's plantation flowers at organic fiji's plantation
A beautiful place for our products to start their journey.

Organic Fiji… Know your coconut oil!


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August 30, 2013 by Organic Fiji