Organic Fiji’s Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Process

Organic, Cold-Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil


Cold pressed coconut oil

The secret to Organic Fiji’s body nourishing product line is not just our use of only Pure USDA Organic Unrefined Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, but also how the oil is processed.

At Organic Fiji, we use only Pure USDA Organic Cold Pressed Oil in all of our products!

Learn more about cold-pressed coconut oil here and why it is so much better for you than other oils.


What is Cold Pressed Oil, and what is so special about Organic Fiji’s USDA Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil?

Organic Fiji is dedicated on providing natural antioxidant rich skin care products. The most beneficial sources of antioxidant supplements are found in naturally concentrated extracts. Botanical oils processed in an inert oxygen deprived environment, which have NOT been exposed to excessive heat or chemicals. Our Cold Pressed Process prevents oxidation, a counter to antioxidants.

Organic Fiji employs a “Chemical-Free Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Process” that utilizes a precise set of low temperatures and pressures. Our process produces a Coconut Oil extract in its purest form; pure antioxidant rich oils that offer superior nourishing and health benefits.

What is Oxidation?

When the Coconut Oil is exposed to increased temperatures, chemical reactions within the oil also speed up. These chemical reactions double every 18 degrees the temperature is increased. As the oil’s temperature rises, the faster its antioxidant qualities are destroyed by, oxygen, light, and air from the “pressing” process.

green and brown organic coconuts organic coconut CoconutOil

The most important reason to Cold Press Coconut Oil is the internal chemical changes that take place in the oil’s molecules at hotter temperatures. The Coconut oil will literally change its form to an unnatural derivative. The unsaturated fatty acids can convert into unnatural trans- fat configurations. They also can oxidize, crosslink, dimerize, or polymerize. This changes the shape and properties of the Coconut Oil’s fatty acid molecules. Robbing the extracts of all their nutritional and supplementation value! It can even make the oils toxic!

So why don’t all Organic Fiji’s competitors use Cold Pressed Coconut Oil instead of the “high heat processed” types?

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The answer is simple- it’s cheaper, in all sense of the word. When the “high heat” processed method is employed it yields greater quantities, extra coconut oil, and it is processed at a much faster pass.

So almost all of Organic Fiji’s competitors sacrifice the Coconut Oil’s natural and nourishing qualities to save a few extra dollars.

At Organic Fiji we will never sacrifice the quality of our products by using inferior processed Coconut Oil. At Organic Fiji we only use 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil in all of our products!

June 29, 2012 by Organic Fiji