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organic fijiCoconut oil has so many uses it’s hard to keep track! It is so much more than just a moisturizer. Organic Fiji’s organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil can be used as skin care, hair care, pet care, holistic health, natural healing, nutritional supplement, cooking oil and much more.

Check out Custom Made’s great blog article or see below for some interesting and unique uses for coconut oil. Covering everything from guitars to backyard hens, this is a must read. Learn more about replacing chemical based household products with coconut oil, using coconut oil as a power cleaner, coconut oil as a greasing agent, outdoor tips using coconut oil and coconut oil as a high shine polishing treatment too!

Enjoy learning nine new unique facts about coconut oil and most importantly learning about the difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil! Make sure the coconut oil you buy contains all the goodness nature intended.


Organic Fiji offers you unrefined coconut oil in all of its products. Our USDA organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil is top quality from our private reserve plantation. Heat is never used in the extraction process, so our customers can enjoy all the natural goodness organic coconut oil has to offer. Delight in nourishing lotions, raw oils, cleansing soaps, sugar / salt body polishes and lip balms, all made with unrefined, organic coconut oil.



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October 09, 2015 by Becky Lane Coulson