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Earth Day 2019




EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY:  On April 221970, millions of people came together to protest environmental issues and the problems the industrial development was causing. Ecological awareness was growing around the world and people realized they had to stand for a change. President Nixon was fast to act and just 3 months later the Environmental Protection Agency was formed. This date is a great reminder how we can come together to make change, but this doesn't have  to be just on Earth Day. It can be every day. 

"Earth Day is now a global event each year, and we believe that more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world. It is a day of political action and civic participation. People march, sign petitions, meet with their elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads". Find out more at

Protect our species: 2019's Earth Day focussed on protecting endangered species. Every living thing on this planet plays an important role in maintaining the Earth's balance. Elimination of any species leaves a gap in Earth's circuit resulting in a break down of our intelligent ecosystem. We must come together to protect these threatened species. "Bees, coral reefs, elephants, giraffes, insects, whales and more. The unprecedented global destruction and rapid reduction of plant and wildlife populations are directly linked to causes driven by human activity: climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, trafficking and poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides to name a few. The impacts are far reaching. If we do not act now, extinction may be humanity’s most enduring legacy". However, the rate of extinctions CAN still be slowed! Find out how at

SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPACT.  START WITH MINDSET.   Small changes can make a big impact! Imagine the wave of eco friendly conscious thinking we would create if we first just adjusted simple little habits in our own life. Then we moved on to make bigger changes in our lives, then within our whole household or family, then we educated our friends so they did the same, then we joined forces with our local community, then multiple local communities teamed up.... a growing movement that started with YOUR mindset!

10 Ways to be More Mindful & Create Change - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 

1. Start with a mindful outlook. 
  • Observe what you use, how you use it and what you do with it after you've finished with it. 
  • Ask yourself the question 'where can I Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?'  
  • Think about where things come from before they get to you and where they go after you use them. 
  • Bringing awareness to these areas of your life will start to create pathways in your brain where you can expand eco consciousnes.
2. Cut consumption in your own home. 
  • Can you reduce the water you use by switching off the tap when you brush your teeth? 
  • Could you hang your clothes out to dry on a sunny day to reduce energy consumption? 
  • Could you switch to CFL light bulbs? 
  • Reduce your home bills and your impact on environment looking at where you can make small cuts in consumption. 
3. Reduce chemicals in your own home
  • Every time a cleaning product runs out, replace it with a natural cleaning product to reduce the toxins that your environment and your family are exposed to. 
4. Learn more about trash, recycle and compost.
  • Ask your local community what you can recycle and how they want things separated, every state and city is different. 
  • Consider creating a compost bin to recycle nutrients and return them to the soil to be used again. 
  • Look at your trash and be more mindful about what could be reused. 
5. An Earth friendly personal care routine
  • Every time one of your personal care products runs out, replace it with something earth friendly. 
  • Biodegradable skin care won't negatively impact the environment or animals who we share nature with. 
  • This is particularly important when using beaches and sharing the waves with marine life.
6. An eco conscious back yard
  • Don't use harmful chemicals in your back yard. 
  • Plant native plants that support the eco system. 
  • Collect rain water to reuse. 
  • Use solar powered outdoor lights. 

7. Shopping Tips. 
  • Take reusable shopping bags or baskets with you wherever you go. Even ones for produce. 

8. Local community. 
  • Learn how you can get involved in local environmental efforts. 
  • You'll make friends at local clean ups, learn more about nature and develop a new appreciation for the area you live in. 
  • You could even car pool with your community. 

9. Explore, naturally. 
  • Not ready to switch to a hybrid vehicle but want to reduce your exhaust footprint? Take a stroll or ride your bike instead. Great for you, great for the environment. 
  • Taking a picnic on your adventures? Use biodegradable picnicware. 
  • Take a reusable water bottle when you travel instead of buying and then discarding plastic. 
10-. Educate others. 
  • Share your knowledge, findings and experience with others. 
  • Help create the wave on consciousness! 


    Organic Fiji is committed to offering high-quality coconut oil products that are made from the cleanest of ingredients and created within an ethical and socially responsible production setting. Equally important to us is caring about the environment and the beautiful earth we live on.

    We look inward towards our company and products, making sure that we create marine safe, wilderness friendly and biodegradable personal care that won’t harm the ecology and wildlife around us. We apply environmentally friendly production and shipping methods wherever possible - recycling materials and using biodegradable packing peanuts. As we adjust our gaze and look outward, we realize there is a lot of work still to do to live a greener life and improve the protection we give to nature. We are not only inspired by island life, nature and all the gifts the Earth offers us, we care about positively impacting it too. That’s why we have decided to put a foot in the right direction and offer a $1 donation to The Surfrider Foundation for every e-commerce order we receive. Purchase Organic Fiji’s coconut oil products knowing your order is creating a wave of change, protecting the world’s valuable oceans and coastlines. Read more about our donations to Surfrider Foundation. 

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    Organic Fiji creates earth friendly, biodegradable body care products, inspired by the tropical lifestyle in the Fiji Islands. We have been certified USDA organic for over 12 years and are committed to creating products that do not sacrifice performance or purity. Our active ingredient is certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. All our aromas are derived from premium grade essential oils. Our collections are totally Non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and BPA free! Our products are ethically sourced, ethically produced and support fair trade. Offering you a transparent journey from coconut tree to your body! 

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