I don’t know about the rest of you, but us
Californians are really getting hit with the cold, dry winter weather.

If you are trying to be rid of this problematic skin then look no further! Organic Fiji will take care of all of your dry skin needs from sloughing off the old and re-moisturizing the new

To be rid of the flaky dry areas try out one of our body polishes (Fragrance Free, Pineapple Coconut, Lemongrass TangerineLavender, and Coral Sea Salt)
And if you just need that extra little push to bring the moisture back try out our tantalizing lotions or our soothing oils! 
And those lips you kissed that special someone with when the clock stuck 12… Don’t forget to give them the care they need with our Tangerine or wintery Peppermint coconut oil lip balms
If you are looking for a completely fresh start to 2015 with no carry over remember to try one of our wonderful cold pressed coconut oil soaps
Check out our website for all the goods you need to up your winter skin care!


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January 02, 2015 by Becky Lane Coulson