Organic Coconut Oil for Body & Hair



  • Whole body, hair & holistic wellness coconut oil
  • Nourishes skin and promotes anti-aging
  • Healing properties to soothe and treat skin conditions
  • Aromas sourced from high grade essential oils
  • Certified USDA organic by Oregon Tilth
  • NO GMOs, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, PEGs or artificial fragrances/colors.
  • Vegan, cruelty free, ecofriendly, ethically produced & sustainably sourced


Experience the many wondrous benefits of USDA certified organic, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil. This tropical gift from the earth is the perfect addition to your holistic health and beauty regime. Coconut oil has been used for natural health and wellness in island cultures for generations. Inspired by nature and traditional Fijian life, Organic Fiji’s range of pure coconut oils can nourish your body head to toe – giving you a healthy, youthful glow!

Our coconut oils are available in four luxurious aromas and one fragrance free option, for those who prefer no added scent. Raw, unrefined coconut oil mixes with essential oils to offer you exotic skin and hair care like no other on the market. Our certified organic coconut oil is extracted using a cold press method, making sure every drop of therapeutic goodness is experienced in its purest form. It’s unique molecular structure offers a multitude of benefits ranging from moisturizing properties to medicinal qualities. So versatile, you’ll delve into an extraordinary voyage exploring all the ways they can be enjoyed. From hair care to crow’s feet, make up remover to baby massage, pet therapy to pedicures, and everything in between – so much more than just a body moisturizer! Find the reason you fall in love with Organic Fiji’s coconut oil.


USDA Certified Organic Raw Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.

How to Use

  • Coconut oil is very versatile and has many uses - Read More
  • Liquefy your coconut oil by following these simple instructions - Read More
  • Smooth the coconut oil over your body as an intensive moisturizer
  • Smooth the coconut oil over your hair as an intensive hair treatment - Read More
  • Use on a cotton pad as a makeup remover
  • Use around the eyes as an anti-wrinkle serum
  • Use on hands and feet during manicures/pedicures
  • Use as a massage oil
  • & much more!

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