SelfCare for EssentialCare


What is SelfCare for HealthCare by Organic Fiji?

SelfCare for EssentialCare is our brand new outreach program to equip essential workers with organic and natural healing self care products. This effort is driven by our belief in the greatest value of self care, for everyone, but especially those who are our pandemic superheroes. Care is at its highest potential when it starts with your own needs. The world is looking for a way to say thank you – we have created this platform so together we can show our gratitude. Offering love and healing in the form of nourishing organic self care gift sets to those who need it most. 

What Organic Fiji products do the team of essential workers receive in the gift set? 

Each nominated team will receive an Organic Fiji SelfCare for EssentialCare gift set consisting of a face and body lotion infused with raw coconut oil, a face and body soap infused with raw coconut oil, an organic whole body coconut oil and an organic coconut oil lip balm. These will be presented in a white organza bag and shipped directly to a committed team of essential workers to enjoy. 

How it works

  1. We receive a nomination for a team of essential workers from a team captain. 
  2. We create a donation goal, to cover the cost of an Organic Fiji gift set for each team member. Gift sets will be priced at 50% off. 
  3. We create a GoFundMe page with the appropriate fundraising goal. 
  4. We send you the GoFundMe link and a media toolkit to assist you in the sharing of your fundraiser. 
  5. You encourage your friends, family and supporters to donate. We will also encourage our followers to donate and your team will get listed on this page. 
  6. When the fundraiser goal has been met we ship your Organic Fiji SelfCare for EssentialCare gift sets directly to your team. 
  7. You and your team enjoy organic and natural nourishing self care products in the quiet moments between being a pandemic superhero. 

How can I make a donation? 

All our GoFundMe SelfCare for EssentialCare teams are listed below. Click to read each team’s story. Choose ‘Donate Now’ and follow the prompts to support essential workers in their time of need. 

How can I nominate my team of essential workers?

Do you know of a team of persevering essential workers that need to get recognized? Nominate them by filling out the form below. Nominations will be considered in order of submission. We can’t guarantee that every nominated team will get processed, but we will do our best. 

To nominate your team to receive Organic Fiji’s SelfCare for Essential Care gift sets, please fill in the information below. 

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