This review applies to all of Organic Fiji’s Body scrubs. These are hands down the best scrubs I have ever found. They smell divine and are of a hearty consistency. They are a joy to use; substantial and not runny or greasy. Someone recently complimented me on my glowing skin so I told them about these products. Of all the products I have tried, there is not one that gets it just right the way Organic Fiji does. Perfect!


My hands have been extra dry with all the COVID hand washing.  My solution – before I clean the house or do any morning chores, I slather Organic Fiji Raw Coconut Oil on my hands and then put on a pair of disposable gloves.  The gloves protect my hands, but more importantly they keep the oil on them while I work.  After I’m done, I remove the gloves and rub in all that excess oil. Now I’m getting a hand and nail treatment while I work and no more dry skin!  Love Organic Fiji!

Kim T, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Organic Fiji,
Thank you for mastering these amazing organic products! The coconut oil makes my skin happy and the fragrances make my mind happy! Your chap stick is the only brand I use now. I apply it even when I don’t need it because of the wonderful peppermint or tangerine smell. It has transformed my chronic chap lips into soft and smooth lips! Thank you so much. Your sugar scrubs have also been great during this Winter season. I have to apply most lotions twice a day to keep them from looking dry but if I use the sugar scrub in the morning while I shower, I don’t have to worry about my skin for the rest of the day and my skin still looks amazing the next day! I get MANY complements when I use the pineapple coconut lotion. The smell attracts people like bees to honey! I will continue to recommend Organic Fiji to my friends. I’m hooked!! Thank you again for making such a great product! Everyone needs Organic Fiji in their life!! I would like to say that I am now an Organic Fiji customer for LIFE!!

Jessica L.(A very satisfied customer) So Cal, USA

I have had chapped and dry lips since my primary school days. At twenty two years old, I am so excited to have finally found a product that is not only completely natural and organic, but that really truly works! As my problem with dry lips started at a young age I have used many different types of products on my lips over the years including natural lip balms from health food stores, healing creams, natural makeup products such as organic lip gloss, and many different types of lip balms and chap sticks from pharmacies in an attempt to soothe and protect my lips. While some products were better than others, nothing really work to keep the dryness or chapping at bay. Many products worked initially and then I reacted to the product after a short period of time and had to discontinue my use of it – I have very sensitive skin and tend to develop allergies to even natural products easily. Most of the products I used, even those of high quality, tended to aggravate the problem by making the skin on my lips become even more chapped and flakey.

When I tried the Organic Fiji Tangerine Lip Balm, I found it completely hydrating and soothing on my lips. I have been using it several times a day and at night time without any reaction which is the first time I have ever been able to use a product continuously like this. I even gave up lipstick for a while because I preferred to use the lip balm! I now use it either on its own or underneath my lipstick. Since using Organic Fiji Tangerine Lip Balm I have had no dryness or chapping of my lips and they always feel soft, smooth and moisturized. I am pleased that there are few ingredients in the lip balm as it gives me less to react to, and I also love that the ingredients are all certified organic. The Tangerine scent is gorgeous also. It is honestly the best lip balm I have ever used. At the recommendation of a friend I have even tried the lip balm around my eye area as well which I find soothing, and since using it on my eyelashes they have been in better condition with my mascara gliding on much more easily, resulting in a fuller eyelash look. Overall I am one hundred percent satisfied with this product and with it being of such great quality and at a very reasonable price, I would recommend it to everyone, especially those with hypoallergenic or sensitive skin types like me.

Bernadette G.


I purchased the Coconut Oil and my skin looks amazing and feels the same. I highly recommend using the oil on damp skin.the results are awesome!! I know my skin is happy because my dry patches are gone and I don’t have to reapply during the day. I am also very satisfied with the way my food tasted and how using the oil is much healthier for my family and I. I plan on purchasing more products in the near future and I have recommended Organic Fiji to all my friends, coworkers and family.

Thank you Organic Fiji for making your AWESOME, AMAZING, HEALTHY


Rochelle G.

All of my career I questioned WHY there was a need for lotions specific for the face and another for the body. Never made sense to me, the bigger question was WHY chemicals were necessary? When I found Organic Fiji I was so HAPPY…FINALLY 1 lotion for all my skincare needs. It is the BEST product line I have ever used. I use the Oil for neck and undereye area and the lotion everywhere else, my skin looks great and I feel good with a truly NATURAL PRODUCT!

Thank you

Patti, Phoenix, AZ

Thanks kindly Bob! We bought a new 3oz bottle to keep us going till we get these ones haha

With coconut oil, as per our last discussion, has really debunked the “myth” that it will make people fat. haha. I have lost 11 pounds in the last 7-8 weeks, with a moderate amount of exercise and coconut oil in nearly every meal.

Talk to you soon. Thanks again,

Avi – Canada

Someone left one of your 3oz Pineapple Coconut Lotions on the Front desk when I took it over, and I just wanted to let you know I love it! I will be ordering the hair oil, soap, scrub & maybe even the lip balm to try next!

Linda – CA

I am a nurse and try to use strictly organic products. I recently purchased your coconut pineapple lotion while vacationing at my sons house in Troutman, NC. I absolutely love the product! I’ve been using it at work and have had several staff members inquire about where I purchased it, how wonderful it smells and how good it feels on their skin after I left them use it. I’m on line now purchasing more products to give as birthday gift. Thank you for the wonderful products you offer and keep up the good work!


I cannot express how much I love this scrub. I opened the tub and breathed in, and it was like being in Hawaii on a beach. As one of the other reviewers said, the scrub is hardened, because as it says on the jar, organic coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. At first this was upsetting because it is a pain to warm the jar up in a bowl full of water, however, after I did it, I was thrilled. The warm oil and soft scrub polished my skin so well it glowed the entire day. The texture of the sugar is so fine, it doesn’t feel abrasive like other scrubs. I cannot say enough good about this scrub, I don’t think I will ever use another.

Juliette R. – Michigan

Organic Fiji’s ‘Coconut Oil Soap‘ is the only soap my wife can use on her skin. She has very sensitive skin, and every soap she has ever tried before has caused great irritation. She can even use the Pineapple Coconut scented soap, because the fragrance in it is so gentle it still works well with her skin.

Thanks Organic Fiji!

MWR – Texas

Hello Organic Fiji Family! (see also: Bula Bula!) ?

I just wanted to let you know what a happy surprise it was for me to receive a gift of tuberose lotion in my latest shipment from O.F.

I always look forward to getting my latest purchase simply because you have such wonderful, natural products and I love them … but the note left inside with the heavenly smelling comp. lotion was so very nice! ? Such a friendly gesture that I felt the Fijian sunshine all the way in Northern Wisconsin!

Thank you all so very much for your generous spirit and fabulous body treats!

Best wishes for a great day with…

Warm Regards,


We (my two daughters and myself) have been using Organic Fiji sugar scrubs for a month now. I bought a Lavender, Lemongrass Tangerine and a Fragrance Free. We all got our own scrub. What I love about the scrub is after you use it in the shower and lightly towel off, there really is no need to apply lotion and your skin feels great! Both of my daughters, one is 17 the other is 22, who have tried many scrubs in the past, Organic Fiji is definitely their favorite. My oldest daughter has been battling acne for quite sometime. She started using the Lemongrass Tangerine scrub and her skin has gone from dry/pimply to an incredible smooth face with most of the acne scars gone! Her friends have noticed a difference in her face and they all want to buy Organic Fiji Scrubs! One more thing, the Organic Fiji Soaps are incredible also. The soap feels wonderful on the skin and smells great too. What wonderful products to add to our daily skin care.

Starla L. Allen, Happy Customer

I am a grateful fan of Organic Fiji Products! I have spent many years trying what seems like every soap, lotion, scrub on the market and once I found your products I knew I could remain forever faithful and end my search for the perfect body care line! Every winter I normally suffer from painfully dry, cracked skin. Since I’ve discovered your soaps, lotions, and scrubs I have not suffered from the pain, irritation, or ugly cracked skin in any season or climate change. I recently discovered Organic Fiji’s sugar scrubs and am completely addicted! I won’t take a shower with out it! It exfoliates my skin, while moisturizing, and after I rinse the sugar off, the remaining oil serves as a great shaving cream! Your products are also my favorite gift to give to both men and women of any age. The response has always been the same no matter what, they love the scent, the feel, the results! Thank you for keeping my skin young an beautiful and smelling great!

Lisa Anne Penny

These products have wonderful, original, lasting scents that complement any perfume I am wearing

I want to say thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to use the oils that you sent for massage therapy. My clients have raved about them and I continue to get AWESOME results in my therapy sessions. During the massage sessions I notice that a little goes a long way and so for the clients who have very dry skin, I use a little more and they have perfectly moisturized skin. I have noticed that it does not stain the sheets. The slick effect for Swedish massage had been awesome, Deep tissue, provides a great friction effect, helps keep the body warm, and yet the oil is evenly absorbed. Thank you for adding to my massage experience and keeping my clientele happy as a coconut!

I would like to further my insight as to having these oils purchased in bulk containers if available and if not maybe we can see what the options are? Healthy Habits plans on incorporating Organic products specifically for LMT’s and other Therapist interested in participating in the program we are establishing that will be environmentally friendly.

Thank You,

Jennifer Marshall

I was given a sample of the Organic Fiji Lotion. I absolutely love it and recently had a facial and my aesthetician was talking about cancer causing ingredients and I showed her the lotion, she said Organic Fiji Lotion did not have those ingredients. I felt so good to hear that, because I love the smell and it makes my skin so soft. In fact, when I had my nails done recently, my girl ask me what I use since my hands were always so soft. My most favorite is the Organic Fiji’s sugar scrub. Not only does it exfoliate it keeps my skin so soft. My husband always tells me I have the softest skin. I am definitely hooked on Organic Fiji Products and what a great gift it makes.

JJ McGregor, Springville, Ca

I am a black woman who just began using your product two months ago. I learned of it from my daughter who purchased a 2 oz bottle for her purse, that I conveniently made my own.Your product is magnificent and I will be recommending it to all my friends, co-workers and family. The fragrance is wonderfully scented and it leaves my skin soft and glowing…it’s got to be that wonderful coconut oil. This is the best product I have used on my skin in years. It stays with me all day, and my skin does not get dull, look lifeless or feel dry. If you offered a shampoo, I would use that also.Why have I not seen this product promoted? You should promote it because many people may not know of it.

Thank you Organic Fiji for my beautiful skin

Charlotte Johnson

I am writing to let you know that I recently discovered your product, “Organic Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil“. I was very impressed with the quality, as was my wife, who is no stranger to coconut oil, having grown up in Brazil, and used coconut products her entire life. I myself have used coconut products for over 45 years, and actually coconut is my favorite flavor, I love everything coconut! I have been all over the Caribbean, and used every type of coconut product available here in the US, and also been “Organic”for over 34 years.

The Organic Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil, in my opinion, surpasses any other product available here in the US. We use it for our skin and hair, and even for our young children who love the fresh smell. I am about to try all your other lines of coconut products, I just know the quality will be just as excellent as the oil. Keep up the good work, and please, please, don’t sell out to a larger corporation, who might be tempted to change the formula or quality of your product to make an extra buck. You have the highest standards and that is why we will keep coming back for more!

Yours Truly,

Robert Felcher, San Diego, Ca.

I inherited a bottle of Organic Fiji Tea Tree Spearmint Lotion from my late sister. Odd as that may sound a nearly full bottle was amongst her belongings and I just knew it had to be something special. And it is. Not only do I always think of her when I use it but I am truly amazed by this product. I used to use a similar, but much more expensive, salon formulation for after shower and shaving moisturize and Organic Fijis Tea Tree Spearmint Lotion is far superior. It has the incredibly soothing feel of a rich emollient but is absorbed by the skin with no greasy residue. I love the way the skin on my legs looks and feels after I use it. And it smells like Heaven! Really it is the perfect lotion and I looked high and low for it after that initial bottle ran out. I cannot recommend this product more highly; it should be in every womans (great scent for a guy too!) arsenal of lotions and potions.

K.C. Murphy Thompson

I have been a massage/physical therapist and energetic healer for nineteen years. Ever since I discovered the coconut oil products by Organic Fiji, I have stopped using other oils completely. I have several clients with skin problems and since I have been using Organic Fiji, their skin has actually cleared up! I am enchanted by this wonderful oil that has absolutely no chemicals. And the fact that it is organic AND cruelty free is a huge bonus! I use this product on myself everyday and I personally love the effects it has on my skin AND hair. So, thank you Organic Fiji for producing such an amazing line of natural moisturizers!

Anastacia Belmonte, licensed and certified massage therapist

I wanted to write you to let you know what a miracle your Tea Tree Soap has done for me.

About 2 months ago my husband got a new job and for 30 days we did not have any medical insurance. Well, see here lies the problem: Since i was about 13 years old I have suffered from acne. I have been to at least 5 dermatologist and have been on numerous medications: topical and or oral pills. I was just prescribed a acne face wash that WITH my insurance would cost me $20.00 ($60.00 without insurance) and I would have to get it two times a month and it was full of very Harsh chemicals, I knew this from the way my face felt after using it daily, dry, burning and sometimes red.

So during the 30 days of having no insurance I was introduced by a friend to Organic Fiji’s Tea Tree Soap. I tried it and within 3 days it had cleared up my face, in fact even better than my prescription face wash. To say the least, I am very happy w/ using the Tea Tree Soap, reasons’ being; one it’s Organic, made from coconut oil rather than harsh chemicals and also the other great thing is it’s a lot cheaper than my acne wash and works even better!

Thank you

H. Immel, Westlake Village, CA.

Dear Organic Fiji,

Three years ago, I developed a skin condition on the back of my arms, which I have since discovered is referred to as ‘keratosis pilaris’. It’s a condition that apparently effects one in three people, and is best described as little red or flesh colored bumps, typically found on the backs of legs and arms. It’s totally harmless, but just a little unsightly, so I have spent nearly three years, trying all sorts of lotions and potions (some very costly) as well as a couple of trips to the Doctors to try and sort the problem.

I began using Organic Fiji products around two months ago, and hand on heart, I now appear to be rid of 99% of this condition. I’m not sure which of your products in particular has worked it’s magic, I would guess, a mixture of them all. I opted to go fragrance free; I use the sugar scrub once a week, which I think works wonders since keratosis is a build up of protein on the skin, and so reacts well to exfoliation; I use the soap daily, I apply the oil once a day after showering, and I apply the lotion once a day before going to bed.

Research suggests there is no cure for keratosis. However, my case proves otherwise. I think this serves as an excellent example of just how effective a high quality natural skin care range can be. We probably cause ourselves these problems in the first place by using products that are packed with chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

I am so relieved to have been introduced to the Organic Fiji range; I am getting married next year, and until discovering your products, I was desperate to have clear smooth arms. Now, I have just that! A huge thank you!

Tori – West Midlands, England.

Hello! I absolutely love your face & body soap and face & body lotion! Whatever you do, please, do not ever close down or discontinue your product line. A shampoo & conditioner would be a welcomed addition! Thank you!

TW – Pasedena, CA

Hi, I have color treated hair that tends to be very dry. I tried the Lavender Organic Fiji Coconut Oil, and it is my new favorite product! The thick texture of the product added needed moisture and elasticity, and the smell is so clean and invigorating. I am also using the Lavender Face and Body soap which I highly recommend as well!

MYG – New York

This is the best soap I have ever found, I ran a MediSpa and we sold this by the cases, everyone loves it, a bar lasts a very long time.

Anonymous – Gorgeously Green Viewer

Hi, I just want to give a testimonial of how great your Organic Fiji Fragrance Free Soap is! I love it!! I have not used any other soap in years but this one!! I have allergies that prevents me from using any soaps or other products but this one.

I love the lemongrass/tangerine body scrub! The scrub helped my eczema also; I have been using the lotion for a few years. It helped improve the texture of my skin on my butt, legs, and feet! It is good for reducing the appearance of cellulite!The scrub helps my feet look good even in the summer when I wear sandals and helps remove calluses! This scrub goes a long way, I don’t have to use as much as other brands I tried and get better results! My skin likes the coconut base scrub more than other companies scrubs that often use jojoba or almond oil. I will definitely buy Organic Fiji scrub again when I run out!

C.S | Colorado

Your Tea Tree Spearmint Coconut Oil Lotion is my new trusted side kick. Eczema has been the struggle of my life. I tried prescription medications and NOTHING. The eczema on my hands started clearing up when I started using the Tea Tree Spearmint lotion. I take it with me everywhere religiously now and apply it each time I wash my hands and throughout day. Eczema seems minor to some who haven’t experienced it, but it’s the worst! It’s uncomfortable, painful in some cases and just all around bleh. My routine is pretty simple, but it needs to be followed every day and not just during flare-ups. Routine: I apply the Tea Tree Spearmint lotion in the morning right after showering before applying on my regular lotion and then at least twice throughout the day. My hands are affected the most, so I usually apply after lunch or bathroom breaks when I’ve just washed my hands. At night time I apply it before bed on clean bare skin before applying any other lotions or creams. My flare-ups usually begin as an itch or a small cluster of bumps. As soon as this happens, I apply the lotion more frequently and it’s prevented the flare-ups from getting worse and spreading! Usually, once the itching or bumps appear, there’s no stopping their path of destruction, but this lotion works! I massage it into affected area throughout the day and it’s been effective in preventing it from getting worse or spreading. These flare-ups attempt to surface when I deviate from the routine mentioned above. On weeks that I’ve been consistent, I haven’t experienced any itching or even the smallest cluster of bumps. A bonus with following routine is how soft my hands have gotten and the scarring from previous flare-ups is slowly diminishing! I’m no longer self-conscious about reaching out to shake someone’s hand. Hope this helps others.

G.O | CA