Cleanse, revive, hydrate and heal your whole body with clean, pure and plant based body care products. Infused with raw coconut oil and essential oils to give your body and soul a boost of healing benefits from nature’s apothecary. Without sacrificing purity or performance, Organic Fiji’s multi-functional, versatile products follow the simple traditions of island life.  Reveal your youthful, natural glow and enliven your island spirit with this tropical collection of natural skincare.

USDA Organic

Vegan Cruelty Free


Gluten Free

Marine Reef Safe


We are a boutique, family-run whole body care brand, based in Camarillo California. Island roots and a respect for whole body wellness in ancient cultures inspires our team of coconut enthusiasts. Committed to sustainable ingredient sourcing and responsible production, Organic Fiji brings you ethical body care creations with a transparent journey. Complete customer satisfaction starts with an authentic intention to share these wondrous healing gifts from the Earth, in a way that is good for both people and the planet.

coconut trees


Journey to our South Pacific private reserve plantation with us. A unique ecosystem here offers land that is rich in nutrients and perfect for growing happy coconuts. Cows graze and cut the grass before fallen coconuts are collected. A cold-press method is used to extract the oil without damaging the natural molecular structure. The plantation provides a clean, sustainable source of energy for the estate and the surrounding communities by burning coconut husks. It operates under fair trade ethics, selling at market price, offering fair wages and giving each plantation family an acre of land to grow food.


Our active ingredients are raw cold pressed coconut oil and pure essential oils, infused throughout our organic and natural body care line. We handpick each plant based ingredient that goes into our products to make sure it offers both plentiful holistic benefits and a natural alternative to commonly used toxic ingredients. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and harvested with fair trade values. They are botanical and biodegradable which makes them wilderness and marine safe too.

coconut oil


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