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Exfoliating With Coconut Oil Body Products

Our Exfoliating Products

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Why You Should Be Exfoliating

The basics: 

Exfoliating is the routine of removing dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin using a granular substance. Exfoliating should be a crucial part of your natural skin care rituals and can encourage a healthy cell turnover, a clearer complexion, a brighter glow, better product performance and much more! Keep reading to explore more reasons to exfoliate, and how exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs can give your body additional bonus healing potential! 

Patti Coughlin, esthetician and eco-conscious spa expert, explains that “body scrubs bestow that feel-good quality by stimulating the nervous system and improving circulation and lymphatic flow. This makes exfoliation an ideal service to hasten whole body healing while its skin boosting benefits pave the way for better product absorption and a healthy glow”. Read the full esthetician’s guide to exfoliating with coconut oil based body scrubs.

exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrub

9 Great Reasons To Exfoliate: 

1)   Exfoliating to unclog pores:

Exfoliating is a great way to keep pores unclogged and refined. Skin cells have a multifunctional life as they push their way up through five layers of skin, morphing and filling with keratin as they finally land on the top layer of skin (the stratum corneum). After a skin cell performs all its functions, it dies and is shed. The average time it takes for skin cells to rejuvenate is around 30 days, but this varies depending upon age, hormones, nutrition, sun exposure, illness and stress. These dead skin cells, along with dirt and other environmental pollutants, can build up on the skin, bond with the skin’s natural sebum layer and get pulled into the pores. When pores are blocked they appear large, become inflamed and cause breakouts. By exfoliating to unclog the pores you are helping your skin to breathe, live its healthiest life and appear smoother. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – try exfoliating with coconut oil infused products for the ultimate pore purge! Organic sugar or salt will penetrate the pores to loosen impurities and the organic coconut oil will pull out any remaining build up by bonding with the oil-trapped matter. 

2)   Exfoliating to prevent acne:

Clogged pores play a big role in causing acne. If your pores are blocked, then not only are you trapping external impurities but you are also trapping your internal oil and sweat production. This can cause white heads, black heads, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – wherever you suffer with acne on the body, try exfoliating with coconut oil infused products for a great natural acne remedy! After the organic sugar or salt exfoliates and unclogs pores, the organic coconut oil will get to work on healing. Coconut oil expresses natural anti-inflammatory properties and is anti microbial too, meaning that it can fight bacteria at the same time as soothing any acne inflammation or soreness. 

3)   Exfoliating for even skin tone:

Exfoliating can help to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and scars by breaking down dry, dead and dulling skin cell clusters and encouraging fresh, new skin cells to regenerate and surface. This allows the skin to work in balance and harmony, leaving you with an even whole-body complexion. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – Enjoy all the natural skin balancing benefits of coconut oil when you exfoliate with a coconut oil infused body scrub. Coconut oil first targets the underlying skin condition of uneven or discolored skin with its anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, boosting the immune system and fighting against the bacteria, fungi and other microbes that cause skin infections. It then soothes the damaged skin with its anti-inflammatory qualities, before allowing its Vitamin E content to help skin cells mature and shed. All this action is locked in with a protective hydration barrier to keep the skin healthy. 

4)   Exfoliating to boost circulation and reduce toxins:

The action of exfoliating can boost blood circulation to allow oxygen rich blood to nurture the skin’s surface and increase cellular health. This then encourages natural lymphatic drainage, your body’s intelligent detoxification system that removes toxins – two important factors when considering whole body wellness, in addition to your skin’s appearance. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – when you are exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs that have been USDA Certified Organic, you are using simple, clean and plant based ingredients that do not include any harmful toxins. This includes dangerous microbeads that are often found in mainstream exfoliants and pose a threat to ourselves and the environment. 

5)   Exfoliating to get rid of cellulite:

Regular exfoliation can decrease the appearance of cellulite, dimples and bumps! By boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage you are bringing the flow of oxygen to the surface of the skin and reducing the level of toxins and fat deposits that sit just under the skin’s surface. Increase your whole body health and bring on that booty beauty by regularly exfoliating problem areas, partaking in cellulite-busting exercises, drinking more water and eating clean. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – by exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs you are not only allowing the sugar/salt texture to stimulate and regenerate the skin, you are also strengthening the skin’s connective tissues. The proteins in organic coconut oil help to repair cellular tissues, increasing skin elasticity and encouraging smoother skin. Check out our Anti-cellulite Product Set which includes a free natural dry brush too! 

exfoliating tanning

6)   Exfoliating for an even tan:

In need of some Vitamin D and sun rays? Prepare your skin for optimal health and an even, longer-lasting tan by exfoliating before sun exposure. By getting rid of dead skin cells and impurities, and smoothing out the skin’s surface, you encourage a more balanced sunkissed glow. 

Organic Fiji’s tip – exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs prior to tanning also enables your tan to last longer. Sun exposure dehydrates skin, meaning that your body will shed the epidermis (surface) layer of cells more rapidly. Prevent premature tan peeling, flaking or discolouration with organic coconut oil’s naturally occurring fatty acids which hydrate the skin, lock in moisture and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. 

7)   Exfoliating for skin regeneration and collagen synthesis:

The secret to that dewy glow? Exfoliating for regular skin regeneration, another fabulous result of increased blood flow and oxygen to the skin! As well as assisting with rapid skin repair, exfoliating can also stimulate collagen synthesis. Collagen, the most common protein in the body, is in part responsible for how strong your skin is and its elasticity levels. It also plays a vital role in tissue development and strengthening blood vessels. As skin cells are forced to regenerate after exfoliation, collagen production naturally occurs – allowing your strongest, most supple, youthful skin to shine through.   

Organic Fiji’s tip – exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs allows you to enjoy organic coconut oil’s naturally occurring collagen assistance too. Recent studies suggest that coconut oil can increase collagen and assist in cell healing. 

8)   Exfoliating for makeup and self tan product application:

Smoother surface = more even results! Exfoliation before application of products can reduce dry patches and dead skin cell clusters that can cling onto products and cause accumulation and clumping. It provides a smoother surface for product application, meaning smoother, longer-lasting  results!

Organic Fiji’s tip – did you know you can also remove your makeup, even smudge proof and waterproof products, with just organic coconut oil and a cotton pad? 

9)   Exfoliating for product performance:

Exfoliating can also help all your other body care products work to their full potential. If the carefully chosen products you use are fighting to get to your skin through layers of dead skin cells, impurities, and pollutants, then the active ingredients in these products won’t reach the layers of skin that need them.

Organic Fiji’s tip – if you have especially dry skin, you could try exfoliating with coconut oil infused body scrubs in the shower/bath, and then, after patting dry with a towel, adding an additional layer of hydration with coconut oil infused lotion.

Recommended Frequency:

Your exfoliating frequency is personal preference and factors such as skin type, pollutant exposure and lifestyle should factor into your routine. We suggest starting with 1-2 a week and then increasing the amount if you see good results, or decreasing the amount if your skin becomes too sensitive. Click here for our esthetician’s natural skin care routine suggestions.

exfoliating salt essential oil coconuts

Exfoliating With Coconut Oil Infused Products By Organic Fiji

Ancient rituals: 

Exfoliating with coconut oil infused products is more than a product choice, it’s an ancient  ritual steeped in deep, island history. Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned boutique brand that creates organic body care products, based in California. Our artisan products have been USDA Certified Organic since 2007 and are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. We believe in product transparency over ‘green-washing’ and we are real people on the other end of the phone and email. Everything we create is inspired by our island roots, honoring traditional South Pacific wellness rituals.

Sugar and salt: 

Exfoliating with pure salt or sugar is the most body and earth friendly granule type you can choose for an exfoliant. Both are safe for your skin, water soluble and biodegradable. A wonderfully organic alternative to the common microplastics and harsh chemicals used in mainstream scrubs that can negatively impact our own ecosystem, as well as the planet’s. Our organic salt scrub is crafted with pure sea salt and is available in one organic essential oil based aroma – refreshing Peppermint!. And our organic sugar scrubs are crafted with raw cane sugar and are available in 4 essential oil or botanical derived aromas, plus fragrance Free. 

Coconut oil standards: 

There is a generous helping of organic coconut oil in our organic body scrubs. When coconut oil is organic, cold-pressed, raw and unrefined, it greets your skin exactly how nature intended – full of holistic healing power. Exfoliating with coconut oil infused products of the highest-integrity can help with cracks, broken skin and water loss in the skin’s top layer by providing valuable fatty lipids which boost the barrier function of the skin and allow it to feel soft, hydrated and supple. Always be mindful to read your labels, as a lower grade of or heat processed coconut oil may not hold the same benefits. Avoid the all-too-common cocktail of toxic ingredients in most mainstream exfoliators, such as harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrance, artificial colors and microbeads, because they are absorbed by your body and make their way into your bloodstream and lymphatic system. Try exfoliating with coconut oil based body scrubs instead! To read more about our coconut oil standards click here. 

The bottom line:

Exfoliating with coconut oil products that are in their purest form can not only provide you with a whole body scrub to uncover your most resilient skin cells, it can also aid with skin repair due to coconut oil’s unique qualities, helping you to feel healthy and radiant, naturally.

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