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Mission and Brand

Our Mission

Organic Fiji strives to bring you clean, ethical, island inspired coconut oil whole body products that never compromise on purity or performance.

With the offering of our versatile, multi-functional, whole body products, we aim to inspire you with the simple, South Pacific islander traditions from which our brand was born. These traditions were built by a culture of pioneers in the minimalist and mindful movement due to their connection with the Earth, harvesting skills from nature, geographical limitations, and eco-conscious attitude when considering the circle of both production and waste.

We believe:

    • Coconuts are the best thing to fall from trees
    • Island time is what your watch should be set to
    • Island vibes can occur no matter where you are
    • The earth provides bountiful gifts for you and deserves to be protected
    • It’s time to say goodbye to toxic chemicals – we don’t need ‘em
    • Self-care is the foundation for all care
    • People should treat others as they wish to be treated
Organic Fiji's Mission and Brand

The Products and Their Journey

How It Started

It all started with a bar of soap whose origins can be traced back to the 1770’s when Captain Cook discovered the Fiji Islands.  Little did he know that his soap making knowledge would combine with their native raw coconut oil to create one of the world’s finest soaps, made for over 250 years by generation after generation of Pacific Islanders. It was this very Fijian coconut oil soap that became the seed that grew into Organic Fiji. 

Growing up between California and various Pacific Islands, our founder embodies a steadfast love and respect for island life. The connection islanders have with the Earth and their beaming positive attitudes resonated from a young age. After experiencing the amazing benefits of this humble Fijian soap, and coconut oil as a whole body ingredient in general, a vision was born. A vision to not only share the power and versatility of raw coconut oil, but to also cultivate the mindfulness, gratitude, and warmth learned from island natives, no matter the location in the world.

From Fiji To California

For the first 7 years Organic Fiji products were made in Fiji, but we were soon faced with the struggles of manufacturing on a remote island which forced a shift in perspective. We realised we could increase quality standards and reduce our carbon footprint dramatically by bringing our primary key ingredient, organic, raw coconut oil, to the west coast of the United States where the rest of our plant-based ingredients were easily accessible. California became Organic Fiji’s new home, but island traditions will always be our foundation.

Today’s Organic Fiji Collection

We invite you to fall in love with Organic Fiji’s unique tonics of the Earth as you immerse yourself in the tropical roots of our clean, pure, coconut oil body products. Say hello, or bula bula, to cleansing soaps, nourishing lotions, whole body oils, revitalizing body scrubs, soothing lip balms and a delicious culinary oil.  All infused with raw, cold-pressed organic coconut oil and crafted with pure essential oils and botanical extracts to offer a boost of natural whole body benefits. These artisan products have a desire to pamper you! Indulge in some home-spa delights and escape to the islands with Organic Fiji.

From Our Family To Yours

Our products are created, filled, labeled, and packed by the hands of our family and team. Our products arrive on your doorstep with more than just a high-performing, clean formula. They arrive packed full of love, care, and intention. Organic Fiji products offer you a feel-good experience, collecting positive energy from the very beginning of their journey to you.

About Plantation

The Brand Behind The Products

Organic Fiji’s President: Reycel Baysa, Organic Fiji’s president, is from a beautiful island province in the South Pacific. A small island community with a coastline that is skimmed by gentle coves, powder white sand beaches, and stunning coral reefs. 

After Reycel’s own experience with the damaging reactions of unknown skincare chemicals, she turned to natural solutions – rediscovering her roots in ancient wellness rituals practiced by the generations of Pacific Islanders before her and honoring family customs and recipes. Organic Fiji presented the power of raw coconut oil combined with healing botanicals and she just knew she had to be an advocate for its marvelous potential. 

Coconuts, coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut meat are woven into every part of Reycel’s health, wellness, beauty, and kitchen routines. Island communities believe in harnessing the natural powers of the coconut, and Reycel stands behind infusing every Organic Fiji product with this wondrous active ingredient.

Reycel Baysa

“Everyone deserves some island time, no matter where they are in the world!” ~Reycel Baysa

Paying It Forward

The Surfrider Foundation

We are not only inspired by island life and nature, we care about positively impacting it too. That’s why we donate $1 to The Surfrider Foundation for every e-commerce order we receive. Purchase Organic Fiji’s coconut oil body products knowing your order is creating a wave of change, protecting the world’s valuable oceans and coastlines.

The Surfrider Foundation is “dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Our staff of nearly 50 people help support our chapter network in their campaigns, champion for policy and fight legal battles for our coasts, bring awareness to the issues facing our ocean, provide critical support on stuff like accounting, technology, and HR, and raise money to make all of this happen. We have an appetite for adventure and we all share a common passion – we love and appreciate our ocean, waves and beaches”.

Surfrider Surfrider started in Malibu California, just down the Pacific Coast Highway from Organic Fiji’s headquarters. A group of enthusiastic environmental surfers came together to protect Malibu’s coastline from overdevelopment and pollution. This group of committed individuals developed into Surfrider, one of the most powerful and proactive coastal protection agencies worldwide.

“Our ocean, waves and beaches belong to all of us and it is our job to protect them”. –Surfrider

Surfrider explains that for every $1 donated “84 cents directly fund Surfrider programs and campaigns, 13 cents is invested to generate future donations and 3 cents is devoted to administrative and operating costs”. Your Organic Fiji purchase and Surfrider donation helps Surfrider to get one step closer to their vision of 100% protection of our coastlines.

Surfrider Foundation

Eco Soap Bank

Any of our leftover, unused, or misshaped soaps are sent to the Eco Soap Bank

The Eco Soap Bank is a “humanitarian and environmental non-profit organization working to save, sanitize, and supply leftover soap from manufacturers for the developing world”. 

Their work has three main objectives: 

    1. Contribute a highly cost-effective hygiene product to improve health
    2. Significantly reduce the waste generated by industry
    3. Provide livelihoods and free education to disadvantaged women with no other reliable source of income

The Eco Soap Bank team explains how important this work is. “A lack of access to soap remains a critical factor in fighting the spread of preventable diseases worldwide. In some areas of the developing world, only 1% of households have soap for handwashing. We seek to address the critical need for hygiene. Working since 2014, Eco-Soap Bank has sustainably supplied more than 3.5 million people with soap and hygiene education”.

After collecting and sanitizing the soap, Eco Soap Bank arranges to share the products with a network of humanitarian organizations who work in remote regions of developing nations around the world. The demand for improved hygiene in these areas is extensive. We hope to spread opportunities for increased hygiene and holistic healing by donating as much soap as we can.

eco soap bank
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