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Cleansing With Coconut Oil Body Products

Our Cleansing Products

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Cleansing Your Skin

The basics: 

The first and arguably most essential step of having healthy, glowing and youthful skin is natural cleansing. Efficient and nourishing skin cleansing acts as an important base for all your skincare rituals that follow it. Taking the time to purify your skin from makeup, daily dirt build ups and environmental toxins, as well as prepare it for maxim product efficiency, is the key to meeting your skincare goals. 

External elements that can build up in your pores, cause breakouts, overwork your skin, dehydrate you and contribute to aging : 

    • Sweat
    • Makeup
    • Sunscreen
    • Dirt
    • Dead skin cells
    • Pollution 
    • Excess oil
    • And much more!
cleansing with coconut oil soaps

Cleansing to balance natural oils: 

Sebum is your skin’s intelligent protection mechanism against environmental stressors. Sebum has an important role to play, but if left on the skin for long periods of time without cleansing it can combine with other dirt and toxins and allow bacteria to penetrate the skin. This could cause pore blockages, pore swelling, blocked skin follicles, breakouts, acne and a dull complexion. Surprisingly, skin cleansing also plays an important role in keeping your skin hydrated too. Clear, unrestricted skin finds it easier to regulate its own intelligent moisture system, as well as enabling sufficient water and product retention. 

Organic Fiji’s tip: Cleansing with Coconut Oil Infused Soaps For Face and Body will allow for purification from sebum build up as well as other aggravating elements without stripping your skin of its natural pH balance. The organic, raw coconut oil in these pure island style soaps is also known to target bacteria and inflammation with natural healing properties! Read more about our coconut oil standards

Cleansing for a youthful complexion: 

The aging of skin is a natural part of life. But there are things we can do to slow down the process so that we can naturally look and feel our best. Excess oil, bacteria, pollution and other environmental irritants can accelerate aging, wrinkles, dullness and pigmentation. The simple act of thoroughly cleansing your skin is a great way to decrease the damage these elements cause your skin, allowing it to work through its natural processes. 

Organic Fiji’s tip: Cleansing with Coconut Oil Infused Soaps For Face and Body, that are plant-based and free of questionable toxins, such as Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Triclosan and synthetic fragrance, allows you to cleanse naturally without adding extra stress onto the skin.  Less stress for the skin = slower signs of aging. Read more about the ingredients we say no to

Cleansing for performance:

The products that follow your skin cleansing routine find it difficult to perform to maximum efficiency when there is a layer of dirt, oil and other elements between the product and your skin. Active ingredients will often sit on top of that layer rather than penetrating the skin’s surface, making their benefits irrelevant. Clean, breathable skin will absorb your skincare products much more easily, letting you enjoy the full effects of whatever follows. 

Organic Fiji’s tip: After cleansing with Coconut Oil Infused Soaps we recommend our Coconut Oil Infused Lotion for face and body. The active ingredient, raw, organic coconut oil, will holistically hydrate and heal your skin after dirt and impurities have been removed during cleansing. Our rich and creamy lotion is full of plant-powered benefits and is a perfectly pure cocktail for your freshly washed, thirsty skin.

A Guide To Cleansing With Coconut Oil Infused Soaps

Keeping your face and body cleanser clean, pure and plant-based is by far the best practice for your skin. Traditional, handcrafted, cold-pressed bar soaps cut straight to the cleanse. According to Ferris Jabr of the New York Times, soap molecules have a hybrid structure with a head that bonds to water and a tail that avoids it. So when the water-evading tail of soap molecules enter the liquid membrane of bacteria and viruses they pull it apart, trapping dirt and fragments of the destroyed bacteria in tiny bubbles called micelles. These are then washed away as you rinse off the lather, giving a more thorough purifying experience.

Cleansing with Coconut Oil Infused Soaps that are free of unnecessary nasties (harsh chemicals often present in foaming or cream cleansers) ensures that you are not only getting a clean yet uniquely rich lather to penetrate pores, but you will also enjoy all the healing benefits organic coconut oil offers as an active ingredient too. Organic Fiji’s ancient Fijian cold-process soap recipe is crafted simply with organic coconut oil and your choice of pure essential oils or botanicals to offer even more holistic whole body benefits. (Try our Tea Tree Spearmint Soap for the ultimate healing cleanse with the essential oils of Tea Tree and Spearmint)! These island inspired, versatile soaps are created with mindful and minimal ingredients that are safe for both people and the planet! 

Did you know? Coconut oil’s unique molecular structure consisting of medium-chain-triglycerides, lauric acid and fatty acids make it so much more than just a natural moisturizing agent! It is packed with holistic healing properties that can treat a multitude of skin conditions by offering anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and even anti inflammatory qualities. Capric acid, another fatty acid found in coconut oil, also has antimicrobial properties. Robust plant-power! Read more about our active ingredient – raw, organic coconut oil. 

A Guide To Removing Makeup With Coconut Oil

Most cleansers fall short when it comes to waterproof mascara and the latest smudge proof technology products. Cleansing with Coconut Oil on a cotton pad to remove makeup is a great way to utilize this USDA Certified Organic oil’s ability to break down stubborn materials with its oil bonding properties. After effectively removing your makeup, rub any excess oil into the area around your eyes using small and gentle circular motions. This organic, plant-based product is versatile enough to work as a makeup remover, cleanser and eye serum all at the same time, immediately getting to work on nourishing your skin and keeping it balanced.

cleansing with coconut oil to remove make up

A Guide To Oil Cleansing With Coconut Oil

Wait, oil cleansing? Yes you’re reading this right. The marketing of oil-free products has us believing that all oils are bad, especially in facial products. This is a myth – plant-based oils offer so many skin benefits, especially for oil-prone skin! Recent studies as well as ancient beauty philosophies across the globe show the remarkable benefits of highest-caliber, raw oils and how they can actually hydrate and balance your skin. Natural ingredients, such as plant-derived oils and extracts, and holistic rituals are seeing a rise in popularity in mainstream body care – including cleansing with coconut oil. What if there was a product that cleansed, hydrated, healed, protected, saved space in your bathroom cabinet and was also safe for the environment too?! Spoiler alert – Organic Fiji’s multifunctional Whole Body Raw Coconut Oil deserves a gold star for multitasking and body care synergy! 

Benefits of oil cleansing: 

    • Breaks up stubborn matter like makeup and dirt with oil bonding properties
    • Soothes and protects sensitive skin with anti inflammatory qualities
    • Reduces breakouts with dirt removal and pore-purging
    • Protects the natural lipid layer of your skin where good bacteria resides 
    • Feeds the skin’s natural microbiome, which works with diverse microorganisms that support the immune system and fend off bacteria and other threats 
    • Offers additional holistic benefits due to organic coconut oil’s anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities

How oil cleansing works: 

In native wellness traditions and Ayurveda, a common notion is “like attracts like”. This simply means that if you apply a clean, raw oil to your skin, it will attract other oils that you are hoping to get rid of. It will lift excess sebum if your glands are overproducing, unclog pores and remove other grime that is trapped under any oil layers by binding to the molecular structures – in turn making them easier to remove. Oil cleansing can ensure that moisture is locked into the skin, balancing your complexion – rather than stripping it and causing it to produce excess oils in the case of some harsh cleansers. It can also help to regenerate the skin’s surface, keeping it supple and youthful.  Although this ancient cleansing method may seem counterintuitive at first, it’s actually basic science that modern product marketing has steered us away from. 

According to natural beauty expert Sheri Stroh, “when you use harsh cleansers you are stripping your skin and causing it to go into overdrive which means it will likely produce more and more oil. You know that squeaky clean feeling that people love so much and associate with our skin being clean? Well, that’s a myth too! It’s not good to feel dry and tight after washing your face, and cleansing with oil can totally help your skin feel more balanced. Our skin has something called the “Acid Mantle” that is our own natural protection from bacteria, dryness and irritation and stripping that away can actually lead to breakouts and a host of other skin issues.”

Why oil cleansing with coconut oil: 

It is important to use a high quality, raw oil for your oil cleanse. Anything other than the purest oil could have adverse results on your skin. Not all coconut oils are created equally, so not all coconut oils produce the same great results. Organic Fiji’s Raw Coconut Oil boasts being: 

    • USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth – to ensure high quality and pure integrity 
    • Raw and unprocessed – so you receive it exactly how nature intended 
    • Cold-pressed – to retain all its natural goodness 
    • Unrefined – not bleached or stripped of natural nutrients
    • Extra virgin – to ensure the most concentrated version of the oil
    • Ethically produced – to allow you to mindfully choose your product’s journey

How to perform an oil cleansing with coconut oil:

    1. Put around 1 teaspoon of raw, organic coconut oil in the palm of your hand
    2. Start to apply the oil to your dry face using small, gentle circular motions – take your time and focus on your problem areas
    3. Use your fingertips to massage the oil into your skin for around 2 minutes – this will penetrate the skin and encourage dirt and dead skin cells to bind to the oil
    4. With a smooth, warm, damp washcloth gently wipe away the oil from your skin (if your skin is extra dry you could also consider rinsing with water only)
    5. Your skin should now be moisturized, but not greasy
    6. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel 
    7. At this point if you need extra moisture you can follow with a natural moisturizing lotion to seal in the hydration. Alternatively, if you feel there is too much oil left on the skin you could try a light follow up rinse with a natural cleansing soap to reduce the excess
    8. Your skin should feel hydrated, supple and clean

Note – It may take several oil cleanses before your skin resets its natural oil production and adjusts to oil cleansing. You may experience a ‘pore-purge’ when starting, as the oil releases the dense build up in your pores. This is totally normal and will cease as you dial in your routine. If you are still experiencing breakouts after several oil cleanses, you may need to add a warm, thorough wash with soap afterwards. 

Organic Fiji’s tip: the frequency of your oil cleanse depends on your skin type and skin habits. We suggest starting with one per week as a special treatment and increasing the frequency if you feel your pores get clogged easily or you are exposed to environmental irritants often. 

Other Skin Cleansing Tips

    1. Lukewarm is best – switching water temperature from hot to cold can put your skin into shock and strip it from your natural skin oils. Instead cleanse your skin with lukewarm water for a happy medium. 
    2. Consider a double cleanse – curating your cleansing routine with direct relevance to what your skin is exposed every day to is key. If you wear a lot of makeup, daily sunscreen and/or are exposed to a high level of pollutants you may want to consider cleansing your skin twice in the evening. The first cleanse will wash off makeup and other surface level impurities that act as a barrier, the second wash will work deep into the pores to remove stubborn bacteria. Keeping a skin diary can help you become mindful with your cleansing and the effects.
    3. Skip the chemicals – the more gentle and pure your cleanser, the better. The benefits of plant-powered ingredients are seemingly endless – who needs dangerous chemicals when you have skin-nourishing plant power?!

Your Skin Cleansing Routine

Mindful skin care routines are a product of awareness. Becoming aware of how certain products and routines affect your skin is the first step to achieving your own unique skin goals. We recommend cleansing the skin morning and night, but you should alter this schedule depending on how your skin reacts and what skin-damaging pollution you are exposed to during your day.  

AM cleansing:

Cleansing your skin in the morning will remove any impurities that your skin purged out of your pores overnight. While you are sleeping your skin works hard to get rid of anything other than skin nourishing nutrients. Dirt, bacteria, dead cells and so on get pushed to the surface as waste. Cleansing your skin before applying your morning skincare products will also increase product efficiency because it offers a more valuable skin response than if the product was trying to penetrate a layer of impurities first. 

PM cleansing:

Makeup or no makeup, washing your skin before you go to bed is imperative for a healthy complexion. It offers the skin an opportunity to carry out important skin repairs, physiological changes and generating functions while you catch some Zzzs. These essential functions are near to impossible for the skin if it is covered with makeup and/or impurities, plus the skin’s access to oxygen to perform vital functions can decrease and create free radicals. Skin is vulnerable to losing hydration overnight due to temperature increases as you sleep. Without access to a clean surface of skin, any moisturizing products you use before bed will be insignificant. Maximize your skin’s natural capabilities and your chosen skin moisturizing products by always choosing to cleanse your skin before hitting the hay.  Click here for our esthetician’s natural skin care routine suggestions

Cleansing Showering

Cleansing With Coconut Oil For Your Hair

Did you know that our versatile, Fijian bar soaps can even multitask as a shampoo?! If you are looking to make some mindful, minimalist changes to your lifestyle, these eco-friendly and biodegradable Coconut Oil Soaps produce a rich lather that can work to cleanse your hair and scalp without leaving residue or stripping your hair of it’s natural moisture. A wonderfully multifunctional bar that can act as both skin and hair cleanser, saving space on your next adventure! What’s even better is that this soap will not negatively impact the ecology around you, so it’s the perfect choice for those wild camping trips. 

Organic Fiji’s tip: You can also try a deep conditioning hair treatment with our Whole Body Coconut Oil too!

Cleansing With Coconut Oil Products By Organic Fiji

Cleansing with coconut oil infused body products is more than a product choice, it’s an ancient  ritual steeped in deep, island history. Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned boutique brand that creates organic body care products, based in California. Our artisan products have been USDA Certified Organic since 2007 and are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. They are also free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals. We believe in product transparency over ‘green-washing’ and we are real people on the other end of the phone and email. Everything we create is inspired by our island roots, honoring traditional South Pacific wellness rituals. Click here to contact us.

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