Organic Coconut Oil For Cooking


Organic Fiji’s Original Coconut Oil for cooking is USDA Certified Organic for the ultimate, clean, island inspired culinary experience. Cook, bake, spread, blend and stir with this raw, cold-pressed, vegan butter-alternative oil. It has an award-winning, smooth and nutty taste that is undeniably delicious and is packed full of nutritional benefits too. A known super-food that is said to have a valuably high fatty-acid content, boost heart health, burn fat cells, have antimicrobial properties, raise HDL levels (the good cholesterol), improve brain function, balance glucose, assist Ayurvedic oil pulling rituals and so much more! This traditional, organic, raw Coconut Oil for cooking is the foundation of family recipes and wellness rituals in the South Pacific and many other parts of the world. 

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Key Ingredients in our Coconut Oil For Cooking:

Primary Active Ingredients:

Raw, Organic Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil’s unique molecular structure consisting of medium-chain-triglycerides, lauric acid and fatty acids make it so much more naturally beneficial than other cooking oils. USDA Certified Organic, raw, cold-pressed and extra-virgin, this coconut oil sits above the rest in terms of quality and standards. Due to its antioxidant levels, it is resistant to oxidation at high heat levels, resilient in inconsistent temperatures and has a shelf-life of 3 years or more without refrigeration. Not all coconut oil is created equal – read more about our premium grade of coconut oil

coconut oil for cooking

Product Integrity:

When creating our island inspired, organic Coconut Oil for cooking  we prioritize both purity and taste to bring you the finest culinary oil. As well as making sure the final product only contains just one valuable ingredient that is free of toxins, synthetics or fillers, we also care wholeheartedly about the journey. A product’s transparent journey is important. It cultivates the relationship between people and the planet, allowing for mindful whole body connection. From sourcing the most sustainable Earth-born ingredients in a responsible way, to ethically crafting and manufacturing the products, all the way to our attentive customer service – we care. 

Read more about Oregon Tilth, our USDA Organic certifying agent or read more about Star-K, our Kosher certifying agent. 

We Say No:

We source the cleanest of ingredients from nature’s apothecary to create our Coconut Oil for cooking. We don’t have any nasty ingredients lurking in our transparent ingredient listings. We promote the use of versatile products and we say no to all nutrient-depleting extraction methods and all synthetic, chemical, toxic and harsh ingredients: 

    • Cold-pressed: No heat used during extraction/pressing process 
    • Extra-virgin: No additional presses after the initial harvest
    • Unrefined: No refining or bleaching involved
    • Fresh: No dried or frozen coconuts used
coconut oil for cooking

Simple Island Rituals: How To Use

Embody mindful and minimalist culinary traditions that honor the time-tested recipes and wellness rituals of the South Pacific Islanders. Clean, versatile, hand crafted products that respect the true connection between body, mind and soul.


If the environment where you store your Organic Coconut Oil for cooking is under 76F/24C degrees it will be in a solid state. This is a totally normal personality trait of truly raw Coconut Oil. Ours is a living oil that we never heat, boil or pasteurize, which retains all its healthy, healing attributes in a natural state. If you prefer to use your Coconut Oil in its liquid form, it’s quick and easy to warm up these sunshine-loving coconuts. Do not microwave! Place the closed jar in the sink or a bowl of warm water. Once the container has warmed for a few minutes, open the jar and enjoy. Learn more about liquefying coconut oil.

For best results:

    • Store your Coconut Oil for cooking in a cool, dry location. No refrigeration needed
    • Use a spoon to scoop out your desired amount of Coconut Oil for cooking


    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil as an oil base for sauteing, grilling and stove-top cooking
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil as a replacement for butter in baking
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil as a replacement for butter and spreading on toast
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil in your bulletproof coffee recipe
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil in your energy-boosting smoothie
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil for the ancient technique of oil pulling
    • Using this organic, raw coconut oil over your pet’s dry kibble 


Fall in love with our Organic Coconut Oil For Cooking:

    • 98% of customers said our Coconut Oil for cooking tasted better than other coconut oils they have tried
    • 95% of customers said they bought our Coconut Oil for cooking because it is USDA Certified Organic
    • 99% of customers said they will purchase our Coconut Oil for cooking again when their current jar runs out
    • 100% of customers said they were satisfied with our Coconut Oil for cooking

What our customers are saying:

Best i’ve ever tasted ~Louise L “This coconut oil tastes sooo much better than the others i've tried. It’s got a smooth flavour that’s not overpowering.”

Quality ~Dave L “This is top quality. You can taste the difference. Appreciate that it’s actually Kosher too.”

My vegan butter ~Denette P “I use this for everything as an alternative to dairy butter. Love it in cooking, baking and spreading. Full of the good stuff too.”