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Lemongrass Tangerine

Invigorating Brightening Detoxifying Earthy

Lemongrass Tangerine Products

12 oz.Lemongrass Tangerine Face & Body Lotion

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7oz. Lemongrass Tangerine Face & Body Soap

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12oz. Lemongrass Tangerine Whole Body Coconut Oil

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20oz. Lemongrass Tangerine Whole Body Sugar Scrub

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Get To Know Our Lemongrass Tangerine Products

Breathe in the invigoratingly earthy aroma of our Lemongrass Tangerine products, a uniquely refreshing citrus fusion created from pure essential oils to offer you so many more whole body benefits than scent alone. 

Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogon citratus, is the leading scent in this reviving duo. Inhale soft lemonly tones with a generously crisp, grassy finish. These herbaceous notes will immerse you deep into nature, toes nestled in green grass and air thick with summertime heat. Lemongrass essential oil is derived from lemongrass stalks, arguably the most valuable part of the plant.

Each stalk of lemongrass has several layers, each growing tightly wrapped around the core. This tall, perennial grass is fond of the good life – tropical climates and rich soil. Well known for its flavor in tropical dishes such as soups and curries, lemongrass also has a comprehensive resume of whole body benefits. It has played an important role in alternative medicine across the globe, especially within Ayurvedic traditions where it is known to cool, uplift, detoxify, purify and heal. 

Tangerine, also known as Citrus reticulata, is the secondary aroma in this winning combo. It offers sweet and tangy undertones like an eagerly anticipated dessert. It’s personality is fun-loving and fruity, the perfect sidekick to a more refined lemongrass. Grown on an evergreen tree that bears vibrant orange fruit and white flowers, Tangerine has an established path throughout the history of herbal wellness practices. The essential oil of Tangerine is extracted by cold pressing the rind of the fruit and is well known for its natural mind and body benefits. 

Our blend of these two botanical extracts in our Lemongrass Tangerine products brings you the perfectly vivacious balance of fresh and fruity!

Benefits Of Our Lemongrass Tangerine Products

The blend of these two pure essential oils in our Lemongrass Tangerine products is known for a multitude of benefits pertaining to skincare, mood and whole-body connection. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Creating a foundation for healthy skin with a dense vitamin and mineral content – including naturally occurring vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron

  • Treating shiny skin with its natural astringent properties that control excess oil and tighten pores – keeping your skin balanced and matte without drying it out

  • Toning skin and reducing excess sebum oil to prevent pore blockages and blemishes

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that can target bacteria-loving pimples, broken skin, folliculitis, cellulitis and other bacterial based skin conditions

  • A high folate content to help stimulate tissue growth and promote healing

  • Anti-fungal qualities that can target fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, scalp infections, baby’s cradle cap and eczema

  • Naturally repelling mosquitoes and other insects with citronella content, a recognized plant-based insect repellent in the U.S. since the 40s

  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can offer pain relief for sore muscles and arthritis, as well as soothe inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

  • Antioxidant power that can diffuse cell-damaging free radicals, keeping skin looking healthy and youthful

  • Anxiety relieving qualities that promote a sense of balance and vitality

  • Purifying properties that remove impurities out of pores and detoxify the skin, leaving it clean and clear

  • Anti-spasmodic properties that can diffuse spasms and reduce pain – the perfect spa-at-home body products 

  • Natural relief for nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness

  • Reducing stretch marks and scars

  • Antipyretic properties that can help to reduce fevers (Lemongrass even has a nickname “fever-grass” in Jamaica!”)

  • Targeting cellulite by penetrating skin layers to increase blood flow and nutrients to problem areas, stimulating tissue regeneration and the breaking down of fat cells beneath the skin layer which allows the body to slowly smooth away bumps

Lemongrass Tangerine Products by Organic Fiji

Why We Use Essential Oils To Create Our Lemongrass Tangerine Products

We utilize nature’s apothecary to create our aromas, choosing only organic and pure essential oils and botanicals over synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are one of the top toxic body care ingredients to avoid. Ambiguous terms, such as perfume, fragrance or parfum, are allowed to contain up to 200 undisclosed sub-ingredients, potentially hiding dangerous and harsh chemicals that can cause negative side effects and long term health issues. On top of this, essential oils allow you to meet your own unique body care goals by offering so many acute holistic benefits.

Our Lemongrass Tangerine products contain a winning combination of natural, plant-powered benefits. The importance of the connection between plants and their whole body benefits was also summarized by NCBI stating that “since the beginning of the history of mankind there was always a connection between plants and human health, as they were used as food and medicines. The traditional herbal medicine outlined the foundations from which modern medicine developed and is still largely practiced around the world, particularly in Asian and developing countries. This popular knowledge, also known as folk medicine, gives a good indication to scientists looking for sources of new compounds with pharmaceutical potential. Thus, medicinal plants and their derived natural compounds have become an increasing topic of investigation and interest.”

Explore Additional Active Ingredients And The Brand Behind These Lemongrass Tangerine Products

Our natural Lemongrass Tangerine aroma is available in our Coconut Oil Infused Lotions, Coconut Oil Infused Soaps, Coconut Oil Infused Sugar Scrubs and our Whole Body Coconut Oil. All of our Lemongrass Tangerine products are also infused with our active ingredient, raw, organic coconut oil. This means you get double the botanical benefits in your whole body care, packing some serious plant power! 

The coconut oil we celebrate as our multi-functional active ingredient is raw, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, making it exactly as nature intended. It’s unique molecular structure is packed with holistic healing properties that soothe and treat a multitude of skin conditions by offering anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial, anti fungal and even anti inflammatory qualities. It is also the foundation for traditional island beauty and wellness routines. Read more about our key active ingredients

Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned brand that creates organic and plant-based body care products, based in Camarillo, California. Our artisan products are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. They are also free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals. We believe in transparency over ‘green-washing’ and are real people you can chat with on the other end of the phone should you have any questions. Everything we create is inspired by our island roots, honoring traditional South Pacific wellness rituals. Click here to contact us.

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