Island Life

Fiji – the land of tropical bliss, dream like beaches, bountiful beauty and smiling “bula bula“s. A paradise fringed with clear waves and scattered with coconut trees. The magic of Fiji runs deeper than just the beauty of its landscape. It’s thick with tropical culture and island traditions – passed on from generation to generation. Fiji consists mainly of villages, honoring their culture in daily life. Home grown, hand made and freshly caught is the way it goes for most locals. Coconuts are a big part of island life in Fiji, the tree of life providing a diverse range of benefits. Fijian islanders are known for their hospitality, smiling eyes and warm energy- many willing to share the magic of their islands and coconut culture with us as we reflect on where Organic Fiji products were born.

Coconut Culture

The soil in Fiji is rich in unique minerals and nutrients, making the coconuts some of the best in the world. Natural resources are valuable and used with gratitude. Islanders have been harvesting coconuts for centuries and making the most of their diverse benefits and uses. Islanders see coconuts as precious gifts from the Earth. All the different parts of the coconut are honored –  including the coconut shell, coconut leaves, coconut tree trunks, coconut meat, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water and coconut husks. This provides materials and ingredients for nutrition, personal care, cleaning, crafting, fuel, instruments, building materials and much more.

Even the age-old legends and myths that are whispered throughout Fiji hold stories of coconuts. One tales says that coconuts have eyes, that they watch people passing from their trees and decide which individuals to fall on. If you receive the coconut bomb, bad luck will follow you for the next three days. Heads up!

Organic Fiji customer and Fijian native, Isabella, talks about her experience being immersed in Fijian culture – “Coconuts were part of our daily lives, from cooking it or just cutting it open and drinking the juice and then eating the fresh coconut to coconut body oils.

Coconut Traditions

Fijian native, Isabella, now lives in the North East US. She reminisces about her younger years in Fiji, her Fijian culture and how organic coconut oil played a part in creating her childhood memories. “It was a time where our mothers slathered us little kids with coconut oil after every shower. I remember this very ritual day in and day out. You knew it was coconut oil because it was always in a clear bottle and the cork was just a rolled up piece of cloth. Even as a kid you could never mistake coconut oil for any other oil. It had that distinctive organic aroma that just filled the whole room. The organic smell of the coconut oil is what I long for now living in a climate that is so harsh, with subzero temps from January through to March”.

She goes on to explains that “as a Pacific Islander our skin tends to take a beating during the winters with all the extra layers of clothing we never get used to. I often found myself thinking of those days as a kid and as a young adult the constant ritual of using coconut oil on our bodies whether we were going out in the harsh sun or just after a shower. I remembered my mother and great aunts that had the softest skin that glowed and looked so youthful even at old age. It made me think about going back to using coconut oil again. A tradition that still goes on in Fiji today”.

Then her quest began, but it was a specific type of coconut oil that she longed for. “I knew being so far away from the South Pacific that finding pure and organic coconut oil would be difficult. I just happened to be shopping and the “OrganicFiji” logo caught my eye. I was so excited that I finally found a product that used raw organic coconut oil and came from Fiji…it made my day”. Isabella exclaims with happiness on her discovery of Organic Fiji’s extra virgin coconut oil, “now every day when I use the coconut bath soap and the nourishing lotion I’m thrown back in time and once again, I’m a kid slathered in coconut oil. Thank you OrganicFiji for keeping the kid in me alive!”.

5 Fun Coconut Facts

  1. The name coconut comes from 16th-century Portugal where sailors who discovered coconuts thought the 3 holes on the shell looked like a human face – so nicknamed them ‘cocos’ roughly meaning “grinning face”. The second part of the word ‘nut’ was later added in the English language.
  2. The coconut palm tree (Cocos nucifera) can grow up to 98 ft tall and its leaves 13.1–19.7 ft long.
  3. Coconuts are actually a type of fruit, specifically a drupe. They are not nuts. (Other drupes include peaches, plums, and cherries).
  4. The structure of a coconut‘s water can substitute blood plasma because of its high levels of sugars and salts, similar to an IV solution. Coconut water was said to have been used during World War II in tropical areas for emergency blood transfusions.
  5. The fiber of the coconut husk is called Coir. It can be used for making hand crafted items such as brushes, sacks, ropes, mats, boat caulking, mattress stuffing, linen fibers and more.

Product Inspiration 

Organic Fiji is proud to offer organic coconut oil based products soaked in Fijian culture. All our products are inspired by age-old Fijian traditions. Our soaps, for example, are still made using a 400-year-old Fijian recipe and are then hand cut before being packaged and shipped and with love. We believe in the magic of island life and the value of Earth’s precious gifts. Bring the Earth to your skin today. Bula bula!