Get your skin ready for summer with Organic Fiji! All our products are made with organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil, a perfect organic ingredient for your summer skin!

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Coconut Oil:
Organic coconut oil is a must have summer ingredient for your skin, hair & whole body! All Organic Fiji products contain organic, extra virgin coconut oil which is not only USDA certified, but has also been cold pressed to retain all its natural goodness. It has so many benefits, the list is seemingly endless. Coconut oil can moisturize, soothe, treat, heal and more! It is the Earth’s natural gift, offering holistic benefits inside and out. Bring the Earth to your skin with Organic Fiji. 
Prepare to show off your summer skin:

Summer is here, and that usually means losing the layers and showing off your glowing skin! Organic Fiji is here to make sure your skin looks glorious, organically. Using our products on a regular basis will help your skin not only look moisturized and silky smooth, but will also reduce the appearance of cellulite too. It will treat and soothe any skin conditions, like psoriasis, acne and eczema, that you don’t want to be on show this summer. It will also help your skin to be supple & healthy before the summer sun has a chance to dehydrate or weather it. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, keep it healthy and prevent damage with organic coconut oil!

Your skin during the sun:

When you’re in the sun your skin needs protection, not only against the rays but against severe moisture loss too. Organic Fiji’s cold pressed coconut oil products will help keep your skin insanely hydrated and moisturized. The best part about coconut oil is that it has a natural and organic SPF of between 4-10! Islanders all around the world have been using this natural oil for centuries on their skin and hair to protect themselves from the sun’s powerful rays. Extra virgin coconut oil is also great for helping reduce the appearance of scars, which can often worsen in the sun. It also helps to protect tattoos and keep them from fading, keeping your designs full intensity. Keep a bottle of Organic Fiji coconut oil with you this summer – you skin, hair and body will thank you!

Your skin after the sun:

After being in the sun, your skin will be dehydrated. You may also have over done the beach session and got a little burned. Don’t worry! Our organic coconut oil products can not only moisturize your skin after a day in the sun, but also soothe the burn and start healing your body as nature intended. It will also reduce the chance of peeling drastically. PLUS regular application after sun sessions will help you keep your sun-kissed summer skin for longer! Hydrate, heal and bask in your glow with Organic Fiji.

Which products?:

The whole Organic Fiji line contains certified organic virgin coconut oil, so all our coconut oil products would be the perfect companion to your summer! However, we particularly recommend our organic body polishes (sugar and salt scrubs), as well as our pure organic coconut oil. Both are available in an aromatic array of fragrances and are made with USDA coconut oil from our private reserve plantation. The moisture combustion from these two products will ensure your skin never goes thirsty, looks great for summer, feels great for summer, is protected from summer sun & prevents you from having any summer peeling or patching – making you gorgeous and healthy for longer! 


Use the organic body polish as a natural exfoliator before heading into the sun, and then use the raw coconut oil during summer days and when bathing after. 

Body Polish: Organic Fiji’s coconut oil scrubs are beneficial not only for preparing your skin to look great and be moisturized, but for getting rid of dead skin cells too. This means less chance of peeling after being exposed to the sun. The best place to use our scrubs is in the shower or bath. Make sure body polish is liquefied (read more on how to liquefy coconut oil here) and mix. Scoop some into your hand, and gently rub over your skin in a circular motion. Concentrate more on areas with bumps, cellulite, and other skin conditions. Once you have exfoliated, rinse with warm water. Do not soap off! Exit the shower or bath and pat dry with a towel, taking care not to rub off the organic coconut oil. The coconut oil will then sink in and treat your skin. (Be careful, coconut oil can be slippery). 

Bottle of Coconut Oil: Our organic coconut oil can be used on your face, body or hair. We recommend using it before sun exposure, during and after! This extra virgin coconut oil can prepare your skin, treat skin conditions, protect your skin from the elements and heal your skin too! 
For face and body – spread over your skin liberally, pay extra attention to dry areas or areas with skin conditions. Do not soap off. We recommend you use our organic coconut oil in the bath or shower, so the steam can liquefy it quickly and your pores are wide open. (Be careful, coconut oil can be slippery). 
For hair – coconut oil can really treat and moisturize those dry locks that have been exposed to sun, chlorine and salt.

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June 14, 2017 by Organic Fiji