Is Coconut Oil Good for you? Doctor Oz sure thinks so!

Perhaps you missed Doctor Oz’s special he did about the Benefit of Coconut Oil. The title of this show was Coconut Oil Super Powers and he also did another segment on his show Beauty Secrets from Around the World: Coconut Oil to Honey! He went into detail of all the Health Benefits of Coconut oil for the Skin, (how it is one of the Best Natural Oils for Skin) and for whole body nutrition!

What does Dr. Oz say about the Benefit of Coconut Oil for the Skin? 

Coconut Oil “makes him excited!” In Dr. Oz’s show Coconut Oil Super Powers, he highlights the Coconut Oil’s three main Super Powers. The first Super Power of the Coconut is weight loss!

Dr. Oz says, “Coconut Oil has a bad “rep” because it’s saturated… but the scientific research on this is changing all we know about Coconut Oil.” What the research shows is Coconut Oil is not your typical type of saturated fatty acid or large chain fatty acid. Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid so it behaves very differently in your body. The medium chain fatty acids are dissolved easily in your blood. Because of Coconut Oil’s ability to dissolve in the blood stream the liver quickly and easily metabolizes it. This promotes weight loss over other types of cooking fats! It is also a low-calorie alternative like Olive Oil both with only 119 calories and 13 grams of fat per tablespoon!

What is the 2nd Super Power of Coconut Oil? 

The second Super Power of Coconut oil is it treats Skin Conditions. Dr. Oz explains it can be a used as a wonderful skin treatment for various skin ailments to “help dry irritated skin… if you have Eczema or Psoriasis (coconut oil) can help with it dramatically.” It is also great to use Coconut Oil to fight fungal infections because Coconut Oil is loaded in Lauric Acid a natural treatment for a wide variety of fungi.
Coconut Oil is such a great treatment for such a wide variety of skin conditions that Dr. Oz even recommends, “If you got different kinds of ailments of skin you’re not sure about, one of the first things I will often do, if I think it’s not an allergy, soothe it with Coconut Oil!”

The 3rd Super power of Coconut Oil is?


Dr. Oz says Coconut Oil is a great treatment for ulcers. He explains not all ulcers are caused by stress: “We know often ulcers are caused by bacteria (such as) H. Pylori…you can use Lauric Acid (again what coconut oil is loaded in) research has shown… to kill… the H. Pylori.” It is great to see a physician like Dr. Oz encouraging all the health benefits of Coconut Oil to promote a healthier lifestyle to so many people!

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March 23, 2011 by Becky Lane Coulson