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Fragrance Free Products

12 oz. Fragrance Free Face & Body Lotion


7 oz. Fragrance Free Face & Body Soap


12 oz. Fragrance Free Whole Body Coconut Oil


20 oz. Fragrance Free Whole Body Sugar Scrub


Get To Know Our Fragrance Free Products

Everyone’s sensory aroma receptors are unique which is why we developed Fragrance Free products in each of our island inspired categories. Our Fragrance Free products are perfect for sensitive skin or those who prefer neutral, clean body care products. Safe and gentle enough for baby, irritated, inflamed or sensitive skin, our USDA Certified Organic and plant-based body care options put your comfort and healing first. We do not use any additional ingredients to mask any scents, our Fragrance Free products are crafted with clean and simple formulas that leave out the aroma option.

Why Choose Our Fragrance Free Products

  • To avoid your allergy triggers

  • To soothe your sensitive skin instead of provoking irritation

  • To avoid hidden chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are allowed to hide under the terms ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ in your products

  • To choose a product that is gentle enough for both baby and parent

  • To enjoy a neutral and clean finish

  • To avoid experiencing or triggering scent nausea or headaches

  • To protect your family’s whole body health and wellness

  • To protect those around you with fragrance sensitivities

  • To protect those with respiratory issues that are triggered by scents

  • To keep hormones in balance

The EWG states that “When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product’s label, read it as “hidden chemicals”. A major loophole in FDA’s federal law lets manufacturers include nearly any ingredient in their products under the name “fragrance” without actually listing the chemical.” Chemical ingredients that hide behind the umbrella term “fragrance” have been linked to hormone disruption, reproductive issues, allergy triggers and more. Avoiding these hidden chemicals is a big advantage of choosing Fragrance Free products. 

At Organic Fiji we use organic essential oils and botanicals to create our signature aromas that are free of any synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals. But sometimes even these organic aroma ingredients can be triggering for people with severe fragrance sensitivities. That’s why we offer Fragrance Free products as an alternative. Learn more about living with chemical sensitivities.

Fragrance Free Products by Organic Fiji

Fragrance Free Products For Sensitive Skin

Going Fragrance Free can offer much-needed relief for those who suffer with sensitive skin. There are many unregulated marketing claims for products that target sensitive skin, but instead of label claims and active ingredients, look for full product ingredient listings. Being mindful of what you’re putting on your skin, and what is being left out, is the only way forward. Organic, clean and simple formulas that do not contain any fragrance are best for sensitive skin. By choosing Fragrance Free products that are USDA Certified Organic too, you are not only getting a final product verification, but manufacturing accountability and product journey traceability too. 

Read more about our integrity and certifications.

Fragrance Free Products For Baby

It is especially important to choose Fragrance Free products for babies. Harsh fragrances may bother your baby’s respiratory system when inhaled. And that’s just for starters – more serious side effects of fragrances, explored by the EWG, include allergies, immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, organ toxicity and general irritation. 

Phthalates, a group of plastic enhancers, are often used in products marked as ‘unscented’ to mask scents. Phthalates are particularly worrisome – the EPA says they are “concerned about phthalates because of their toxicity and the evidence of pervasive human and environmental exposure to these chemicals”. They even shared a report highlighting that they have been associated with neurodevelopment disorders in children and are thought to contribute to asthma and allergies in children too. 

Overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Avoiding phthalates and fragrance related health concerns is easy – just pick Fragrance Free products, check ingredient listings and choose certified organic wherever possible. Check out the EWG’s guide to safer personal care for more information.

Fragrance Free Products Baby

Fragrance Free Products Infused With Coconut Oil

Our Fragrance Free variations are available in our Coconut Oil Infused Lotion, Coconut Oil infused Soap, Coconut Oil Infused Sugar Scrub and Whole Body Coconut Oil. All of our Fragrance Free products are also infused with our active ingredient, raw, organic coconut oil.

The coconut oil we celebrate as our multi-functional active ingredient is raw, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, making it exactly as nature intended. Its unique molecular structure is packed with holistic healing properties that soothe and treat a multitude of skin conditions by offering anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial, anti fungal and even anti inflammatory qualities. It is also the foundation for traditional island beauty and wellness routines, complimenting our gentle Fragrance Free products perfectly. Read more about our key active ingredients.

Fragrance Free Products By Organic Fiji

Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned brand that creates organic and plant-based body care products, based in Camarillo, California. Our artisan products are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. They are also free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals. We believe in transparency over ‘green-washing’ and are real people you can chat with on the other end of the phone should you have any questions. Everything we create is inspired by our island roots, honoring traditional South Pacific wellness rituals. Click here to contact us.

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