Our mission is to bring you the traditions of island life and all the benefits earth’s harvest has to offer your body and soul. The active ingredient in all our products is certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. We create unique, artisanal personal care and nutritional items, inspired by the tropics of the Fiji Islands. We will never compromise the quality of performance or the cleanliness of ingredients when designing our organic wellness range.

Our Story

The tale of Organic Fiji started on a beautiful group of islands far, far away. The Fijian Islands are in the South Pacific 1100 miles Northwest of New Zealand. Organic Fiji’s founder discovered the beauty of these islands in 2001. As he enjoyed the simplicity of island life, he noticed how the locals all had beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Their secret was coconut oil. Certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. He learned how they used it in their daily routines, personal care traditions, beauty regimes, family health, their diet and more. A true island gift, treasured throughout generations. He witnessed firsthand how this pure ingredient benefited people’s lives in so many ways.


He went on to find out that there was a special coconut plantation in the South Pacific. The coconuts grown at this plantation are cold pressed to produce certified organic, extra virgin coconut oil. This method of extraction means that all the goodness of the coconut oil and its molecular structure are kept raw and intact. The plantation provides a clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy for the estate and the surrounding communities by burning the discarded coconut husks. It operates under fair trade ethics, selling the coconut oil at market price, offering fair wages to employees and even giving each plantation family an acre of land to grow food. This plantation not only produces a valuable ingredient that holds so many benefits but is also socially responsible for its working actions. With love and enthusiasm for this holistically wholesome island life, the warmth of the locals and all the benefits organic coconut oil offered, Organic Fiji was born.


Today, we are proud to still be offering top quality, unique, organic coconut oil products in a variety of sizes and fragrances. The company has developed in many ways, but we remain in awe of the traditional island way of life and promise to integrate island magic into the products in every way possible. We will always operate with the same enveloping warmth that was witnessed in Fiji when this tale began. We value each and every customer regardless of whether they are a big company or a single person. We continue to be a human being at the other end of the phone, rather than an automatic service, and in more ways than just this, we guarantee you can always be greeted with our small company ethics and sincerity.

Our Products

We are committed to designing products which are:

• Made with USDA certified organic, extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil
• Non GMO
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Cruelty Free
• Ocean Friendly
• Wilderness Friendly
• Made with certified kosher coconut oil
• Made with fair trade ethics
• Paraben free
• P.E.G free
• Sulfate free
• Phthalates free
• Free of dyes or artificial colors
• Free of harsh chemicals
• Free of toxic and harmful ingredients

SOAP: The first product to be made was the Organic Fiji Coconut Oil Soap. These handcrafted, chemical free, organic face and body cleansers are made using a unique 400-year-old Fijian recipe. Organic coconut oil mixes with essential oils to create a range of bar soaps like no other. They deliver a rich and creamy lather which will leave your skin feeling nourished and cleansed. Available in a 7oz. bar with 10 different aromas, including fragrance-free.

LOTION: Organic Fiji then brought out their Nourishing Organic Face and Body Lotions. These quenching moisturizers bring Certified Organic Coconut Oil with a blend of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to help replenish and treat the face and body. Available in a 12oz. / 3oz. bottle with 10 different aromas, including fragrance free.

COCONUT OIL: Next, Organic Fiji decided to bring out a product that showcased the core active ingredient of the whole line in all its glory. Certified organic, extra virgin coconut oil! Simply a marriage of raw coconut oil and an essential oil, no other ingredients, to bring your body all the benefits of this island treasure. Available in a 12oz. / 3oz. bottle with 5 different aromas, including fragrance free.

NUTRITIONAL OIL: We were enjoying organic coconut oil for skin, body and hair so much that we knew we had to create one for our kitchen too! Certified organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, nutritional coconut oil is available in a 13oz. jar. Delectably delicious and bursting with organic goodness! The perfect addition to your diet to enhance holistic wellness.

SCRUB: Now an organic exfoliant was needed! Organic Fiji offers a pure face and body scrub using only the cleanest of ingredients to benefit the body. Organic coconut oil combines with organic cane sugar or coral sea salt and essential oils to bring you a wondrous body polish. The Sugar and Salt Scrub line not only eliminate dead skin cells with naturally sourced exfoliants but also replenish and protect skin with the addition of organic coconut oil. Available in a generous 20oz. jar with 1 salt scrub or 4 different sugar scrub aromas to choose from, including fragrance free.


LIP BALM:The newest addition to the Organic Fiji range was our Certified Organic Lip Balm. Unlike many lip balms on the market, ours is Certified Organic by the USDA, completely free of any chemicals. It is made with Certified Organic Coconut Oil to moisturize your lips, leaving them luscious and smooth. Our lip balms are made in icy fresh peppermint, fruity tangerine and exotic coconut.