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Best Organic and Sustainable Gift Ideas

7 Best Organic And Sustainable Gift Ideas

Are you looking for more ethically crafted and meaningful gifts? Show your loved ones you truly care about both them and the planet with these organic and sustainable gift ideas. From organic body care to sustainable fashion, and even bio-conscious wine, we’ve got you covered!

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    Why choose organic and sustainable gift ideas

    Giving is fun! Make your gift choices count and give a purposeful present they’ll always remember by shopping from our 7 handpicked organic and sustainable gift ideas. 

    Give a thoughtful gift

    You are choosing a gift that has a positive, ethical journey from creator to gift recipient. This will make your loved ones feel extra special, giving them something with meaning and packed full of thoughtfulness for both people and the planet.

    Vote for better ethics with your gift

    When you choose to buy a gift that is organic or sustainable, you are voting for positive industry changes with your dollar – supporting smaller, ethical companies instead of large corporations that put money over integrity.

    sustainable gift ideas

    Support an ethical lifestyle with your gift

    You might also be supporting your loved one’s ethical lifestyle. Plant-based living, organic-only products, eco-friendly adjustments and sustainable purchasing are just a few examples of conscious lifestyles that people choose due to health and/or ethical reasons. It’s not always convenient or easy to make these lifestyle changes, so think how happy your loved one will be when you support that decision rather than offering them clutter or unwanted gifts that end up in their donate box.

    Discourage greenwashing with your gift 

    As well as all this, by considering organic and sustainable gift ideas, you are also saying no to greenwashing – a deceptive marketing approach that uses unverified claims about environmentally-friendly practices and ‘natural’ ingredients to woo a newly evolving market. Shop with companies who go the extra mile to verify their ethics with third party organic certifications and offer transparency about their working methods and sustainability practices.

    1) Organic Fiji

    About Organic Fiji

    Organic Fiji are a California based, family-run brand who craft clean, pure plant-based body care. All their products are luxuriously infused with raw coconut oil and pure essential oils and are free of any toxic or synthetic chemicals. They have been USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth since 2007, practice fair trade, commit to sustainable ingredient sourcing and use biodegradable and reclaimed shipping materials. 

    Why Organic Fiji products are great organic gift ideas

    Organic Fiji’s gift sets make welcomed gifts because they encourage your loved one to take some time to pamper themselves, and with the best ingredients from nature’s apothecary! Perhaps a soak in an organic coconut oil infused bath or a salt scrub foot treatment, for example. Or for romantic relationships, Organic Fiji could be the inspiration for a spa-at-home massage. The ingredients are clean and mindful, showing that you truly care about your gift recipients whole body health.

    Every product is inspired by traditional island life, bringing your loved one as sense of vacation in a bottle, jar or box. One inhale of the Pineapple Coconut collection and you are immediately escaping to island time. 

    What are our favorite Organic Fiji products?

    All Organic Fiji products would make your loved one feel spoiled, but the gift sets are a great place to start. The gift sets include a curated group of coconut oil infused products (such as oils, lotions, scrubs and lip balms) and come in a delicate organza bag. You can opt for eco-friendly gift wrap too – a carefully prepared package with natural paper, string, dried leaves and a personalized note. These tropical, ethically crafted gift sets are sure to make your friends or family smile!

    2) Lotus and Luna​

    About Lotus and Luna

    Lotus and Luna offer handcrafted accessories and fashion for the ever wandering spirit. A female-owned, ethical and planet-conscious brand based in San Diego, designing jewelry, apparel and accessories with a heart. 

    Why you should consider Lotus and Luna products for sustainable gift ideas

    Each Lotus and Luna sustainable accessory is handcrafted by female artisans living in small villages in Northern Thailand, providing them and their neighbors with fair employment. This empowers artisans individually while allowing their village economy to grow. Your gift recipient will love both the style and the journey of this ethical present. 

    What are our favorite Lotus and Luna products?

    All the Lotus and Luna items are sure to make someone feel special. But we particularly love their Santa Barbara Island Harem Pants for the ultimate comfy yet cool sustainable gift idea.

    We also adore their delightful Peace and Happiness Necklace. It combines Jasper for Peace and connection, as well as Tourmaline which promotes inspiration and happiness, to create a positively powerful and gorgeous gift.

    3) Knickey

    About Knickey

    Knickey creates organic cotton intimates for every body. These chic undies are made from clean, cool, certified organic cotton. They are GOTS Certified, Fair-Trade, Carbon Neutral and use an awesome recycling program. 

    Why you should consider Knickey products for organic and sustainable gift ideas

    Knickey was founded as a sustainable brand from the start – seeking out the most environmentally responsible processes, low-impact fabrics and ethical manufacturing. In their words they “swap the greenwashing for integrity and accountability“. Their organic underwear is simple but stylish and the perfect sustainable gift idea for someone wanting to skip pesticides and petroleum-based fabrics.

    What are our favorite Knickey products?

    Our favorite Knickey option for a gift is their Starter Set which includes all five of their signature underwear styles. Choose one shade or build a custom assortment.

    4) Wild Beautiful Free

    About Wild Beautiful Free

    Wild Beautiful Free creates healthy, organic, cruelty-free candles to raise awareness and funds to protect endangered species like elephants, lions and gorillas. 

    Why you should consider Wild Beautiful Free products for organic and sustainable gift ideas

    Their magical line of organic and plant-based candles are sure to delight your family and friends – an ethical product with high ingredient integrity and a philanthropist heart. Your gift will make a difference because a portion of their profits are donated to charities who support animal welfare and sustainability. 

    What are our favorite Wild Beautiful Free products?

    All three of their non-toxic candles would make wonderfully ethical gifts – made with aromatherapy grade essential oils, organic coconut wax, 22K gold foil stamp, and cotton wicks. But our favorite is the Elephant (Dream) Candle – combining Lavender and Vanilla to promote a sense of natural relaxation for your loved one.

    5) Organic Wine Exchange

    About Organic Wine Exchange

    The Organic Wine Exchange sells organic and biodynamic wines, as well as providing a place where information can be exchanged about ethical, clean and  sustainable wine choices. 

    Why you should consider the Organic Wine Exchange products for organic and sustainable gift ideas

    All of their wines are made with organic grapes – meaning that the wine producers have chosen to produce grapes without the use of inorganic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Each wine comes with information about the winery’s farming process, certifications, sustainability and environmental contributions, connecting the journey from grape to your gift recipient. 

    You can find wines that fit the beliefs and palate of your loved ones, but most importantly support the natural wine movement for future generations to enjoy.

    What are our favorite Organic Wine Exchange products?

    We think all of the wines on this site would be an awesome option to add to your organic and sustainable gift ideas list, but we love the thought of their Sparkling Wine Sampler to really get the party started with a pop and make your loved one feel celebrated.

    6) Malia Designs

    About Malia Designs

    Malia Designs are a fair trade handbag and accessories brand based in San Diego that combines lively design, the use of recycled materials and affordable price points. Every purchase gives back and donates to organizations that work to fight human trafficking worldwide.

    Why you should consider Malia Designs products for sustainable gift ideas

    They create high-quality, fashion-forward accessories that pair lively designs with contemporary styling using reclaimed materials. Malia Designs increases economic opportunity for women in Cambodia and their fair trade fashion products connect makers to Western markets, expanding their access to sustainable income and safe working conditions. A trendy and unique gift option that makes an impact, beyond the excitement of a gift. 

    What are our favorite Malia Designs products?

    We are besotted with all the Malia designs, but if we had to pick one we’d say it was their best-selling Recycled Crossbody Bag, because it’s so stylish but also has a cool past-life. It is crafted from recycled cement bags, great for school, work, and every day. Each bag is one of a kind, which makes the perfect unique, ethical and sustainable gift idea.

    7) PooPooPaper

    About PooPooPaper

    PooPooPaper makes unique, handcrafted, tree-free, eco-friendly, odorless paper, gift and stationery products made from elephant poo, cow poo, horse poo and donkey poo. No, we’re not joking! You wanted a sustainable gift idea that would get people talking…

    Why you should consider PooPooPaper products for sustainable gift ideas

    They use the natural, plentiful & sustainable fibers found in the poo of elephants, cows, horses, donkeys and buffalo’s and mix it together with plant bi-products (such as sugar cane and coconut shell fibers) to make amazing, all natural, pure PooPooPaper products that are TREE-FREE! Such a fun and ethically sustainable gift idea that doesn’t harm the environment. 

    What are our favorite PooPooPaper products?

    We think all these poo-tiful products would make great and unusual gifts, but our favorite has to be their Bouquet of Red Elephant PooPooPaper Roses. Sure to make an eccentric, unique and sustainable gift that incorporates some humor too. An eco-friendly, longer-lasting, allergy-friendly alternative to a regular bouquet of flowers.

    We also love their PooPooPaper Bookmark Decorating Kit. Say goodbye to boring gifts and embrace these poo-sitively sassy suggestions.

    Your gift purchase can make a change

    Industries are quickly evolving as customers are making it clear that they are opting for more conscious purchases and requiring more transparency from brands. An ethical journey from creator to customer encourages fairer working conditions, cleaner ingredients and materials, higher industry standards, better environmental outcomes and most importantly, enables you to make a more empowered choice about what you vote for with your dollar. Ethical gifts support small businesses and bring true joy to those who unwrap something thoughtful. If you have any more organic and sustainable gift ideas, comment below. Let’s spread the word!

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