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Coconut Oil Soap Benefits

Coconut Oil Soap Benefits

Explore coconut oil soap benefits

If you’re not enjoying coconut oil soap benefits yet, you’ll soon be asking yourself why you’re missing out on all the plant-based wonders of these sensationally simplistic yet effective cleansing bars. 

Join us as we explore the key coconut oil soap benefits and how these multi-functional soaps not only cleanse without toxic chemicals but are also packed full of healing properties too.

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    coconut oil soap benefits

    Benefits of organic coconut oil as an active soap ingredient

    The list of coconut oil soap benefits is so extensive due to its active ingredient – raw, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil. A real gift from mother nature. 

    Keepin’ it clean

    Taking the time to cleanse your skin from the build up of dirt, makeup and environmental toxins, as well as prepare it for maximum product performance, is the key to meeting your skincare goals. Cleansing products score high on your exposure chart, meaning whatever you choose as a cleansing product, you are absorbing its ingredients into your body multiple times daily.  

    Choosing Coconut Oil Infused Soaps that are free of unnecessary toxic nasties (harsh chemicals often present in foaming or cream cleansers) ensures that you are not only getting a pure yet uniquely generous lather to penetrate pores, but you will also enjoy all the healing benefits organic coconut oil offers as an active ingredient too. Win win!

    Moisturize deeply

    Organic coconut oil’s unique molecular makeup can penetrate multiple layers of the skin, encourage skin elasticity, promote cell regeneration and even encourage collagen production. 

    These natural qualities of organic coconut oil make coconut oil soaps insanely moisturizing and ready to combat the signs of dulling and aging skin. Plus it adds an island-style nourishing touch to soap, which can often be stripping without the right ingredients and soap making process. Let your naturally clear and youthful complexion glow!

    Heal naturally

    Organic coconut oil is made up of medium-chain-triglycerides, lauric acid and fatty acids. This distinctive structure makes it so much more than just a natural moisturizing agent!

    It is packed with holistic healing properties that can treat a multitude of skin conditions by offering anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and even anti-inflammatory qualities.

    This means that by nature, your coconut oil soap is ready to target inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It will also promote a bacteria and virus free ecosystem for your skin. And it is known to prevent/treat fungal infections such as athletes foot, ringworm and more. 

    Capric acid, another fatty acid found in coconut oil, also has antimicrobial properties.

    As the largest organic in your body, the health of your skin’s microbiome is very important. Dry, cracked skin provides an environment where germs and bacteria can flourish. Naturally occurring antimicrobial qualities in coconut oil soap curbs unwanted pathogens. 

    coconut oil soap benefits

    Unique lather

    Add product experience to the coconut oil soap benefits list too! With organic coconut oil as an active ingredient, the feel of the lather is silkier, richer and creamier – and the lather production is very generous too! This makes coconut oil soap long-lasting, minimalist and multi-functional (because the rich foam can be used as body wash, shaving foam and shampoo!). 

    More effective than shower gel

    According to Ferris Jabr of the New York Times, soap molecules have a hybrid structure with a head that bonds to water and a tail that avoids it. So they can pull apart the liquid membrane of bacteria and viruses, trapping dirt and the destroyed bacteria in tiny bubbles which are washed away as you rinse. This offers a more thorough purifying experience.


    One of people’s favorite coconut oil soap benefits is just how versatile it is. You can cleanse efficiently, moisturize deeply and heal naturally with coconut oil soaps. Plus the results are outstanding. (Here’s what people are saying about coconut oil soap benefits).

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    Organic Fiji's unique coconut oil soap benefits

    Coconut oil integrity

    Not all coconut oil is created equal. The grade of coconut oil you choose directly dictates how many coconut oil benefits you will experience. At Organic Fiji we choose the highest grade of coconut oil from which to infuse our soaps with. Here are our coconut oil standards, so as a consumer you can make a more informed and empowered choice.

    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Raw
    • Cold-pressed
    • Extra-virgin
    • Unrefined
    • Made from fresh coconuts

    coconut oil soap benefits

    Traditional island soap making

    Our Coconut Oil Infused Soap is made using an ancient Fijian recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, originating from Captain Cook when he discovered the Fiji Islands in 1774. Our artisan soaps are crafted using a cold process which is a traditional method where triglycerides (the foundation of fats and oils) react with lye to create saponification – literally meaning “turning into soap” from the Latin word sapo. Learn more about our traditional, raw soap making method.

    We maximize our coconut oil soap benefits with our attentive soap making method. We bring you a final product that:

    • Is more nurturing due to its preservation of beneficial, skin adoring oils and glycerin
    • Is free from synthetics and does not need any added chemicals to function
    • Does not strip the skin of it’s natural oils and nutrients whilst cleansing
    • Is versatile and multi-functional, promoting mindful minimalism
    • Is made with love and care

    Pure botanical aromas of coconut oil soap

    Our coconut oil soap recipe is crafted simply with organic coconut oil and your choice of pure essential oils or botanicals to offer even more holistic whole body benefits. (Try our Tea Tree Spearmint Soap for the ultimate healing cleanse with the essential oils of Tea Tree and Spearmint)!

    coconut oil soap benefits

    How to achieve maximum coconut oil soap benefits

    Work these natural cleansers into your skin care routine to enjoy the maximum coconut oil soap benefits. 

    For best results:

    • Rub our Coconut Oil Infused Soap in your hands or on a loofah with warm water to trigger it’s rich lather. Use the creamy foam to cleanse the face and body thoroughly

    • For best results cleanse with warm water to open pores, and rinse with cool water to close pores 

    • Follow with either Organic Fiji’s Whole Body Scrub, Whole Body Oil or Face and Body Lotion to maximize skin hydration after cleansing


    • Using our Coconut Oil Infused Soap as a natural shaving cream

    • Using our Coconut Oil Infused Soap as a natural shampoo

    • Taking our Coconut Oil Infused Soap with you on camping or wilderness trips, as a biodegradable, multi purpose soap that will save you space without negatively impacting the ecology around you

    Organic Fiji

    The brand behind the coconut oil soaps

    Choosing coconut oil infused soaps to improve whole body health is more than a product choice, it’s an ancient ritual steeped in deep, island history.

    Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned boutique brand that creates organic body care products, based in California.

    Organic Fiji’s artisan products have been USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth since 2007 and are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. You can also be assured that Organic Fiji products are free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals.

    A brand that believes in product transparency over ‘green-washing’ and are real people on the other end of the phone and email. Click here to contact Organic Fiji.

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