Organic Fiji’s Anti-Cellulite Kit promotes natural wellness and beauty by using all the benefits of organic coconut oil and skin brushing to enhance skin health and elasticity. Perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself.



  • 1 x 12oz USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1 x 20oz USDA Certified Organic Scrub
  • 1 x 13oz USDA Certified Culinary Coconut Oil
  • 1 natural body brush

Read more about our USDA Organic Certification. 


How To Use

Promote natural beauty from the inside out with Organic Fiji’s Anti-Cellulite Kit. Target problem areas such as legs, thighs and buttocks with a healthy lifestyle and organic products. Use our organic culinary oil in the kitchen to promote a healthy metabolism, use our organic scrub to exfoliate, stimulate pores and increase circulation, use our organic coconut oil to enhance skin elasticity and our natural body brush for lymphatic and toxin drainage.

For best results we recommend this four day cycle:

  1. Two organic coconut oil massage applications to the problem areas (am / pm)
  2. One dry brush treatment followed by one coconut oil application to problem area
  3. Two organic coconut oil massage applications to the problem area (am / pm)
  4. One intensive organic coconut oil body polish treatment on the problem area.

Repeat for one month and assess your progress. Amend as necessary. If skin is sensitive – Reduce exfoliation and dry brushing steps. For faster results on less sensitive skin – increase the exfoliation and dry brushing steps.