Looking to revitalize your skin?

Searching for an all-organic natural exfoliate? Revitalize your skin with Organic Fiji’s Organic Sugar Polish. Our Tropical Sugar Polish is an all-organic sugar exfoliating scrub that revitalizes your skin. The ingredients are simple: Certified Organic Cane Sugar, Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, and Organic All-Natural Scents. That’s it!

Certified Organic Cane Sugar is one the world’s best organic products to exfoliate your skin. The texture of the Cane Sugar makes it ideal to buff away old dry skin. Also Organic Cane Sugar is natural source of glycolic acid, which helps loosen dead skin cells while also rejuvenating damaged ones. Combine that with Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil’s deep moisturizing properties that rapidly hydrate, replenish lost vitamins, and shield your skin from moisture loss and cell degenerating free radicals, you now have an all-organic product that can transform dull dry skin into a youthful radiant glow!

Most sugar scrubs contain inferior liquid, over-processed, and even hydrogenated oils to make their products cheaper to manufacture and of low-grade quality. Organic Fiji’s Sugar Polish again contains only Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined. All Natural Coconut Oil is nutrient rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and is loaded in anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants break down free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to your skin’s connective tissues causing hardening and loss of elasticity. Causing your skin to look older and lifeless. Commercial skin products usually lack high quality organic oils, the key ingredient to youthful healthy skin.

One interesting thing about Coconut Oil is it solidifies at temperatures below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. So to apply our sugar polish you can warm up in your hands by body temperature, a warm bathroom, leave the container sitting in the sun, or simply sit the polish container in a sink partly filled with warm water. You can also warm the container in the flow of waterOrganic Fiji Body Scrub while you shower. The coconut oil will warm up in minutes and be ready to apply. The best time to apply is after right after showering or bathing. Simply apply the sugar scrub to your body and gently buff away dry dead skin. Then simply pat dry with a towel. The texture of the sugar is very fine so there is no scratchiness or redness to the skin after a gentle polish, only vibrant healthy skin. Your skin will be left feeling moisturized and not weighed down with build-up, like you may be used to feeling with other commercial alternatives.

So remember when looking to revitalize and exfoliate your skin, look to Fiji, look to Organic Fiji’s Sugar Polish!