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Coconut Oil For Cellulite

Coconut Oil For Cellulite

Looking for a natural, plant-based method to tackle cellulite and bumpy areas of skin? Explore all the benefits of organic coconut oil for cellulite with us as we look at how this unique oil brings you smoother, healthier skin. Plus, learn which type of coconut oil is best to use and other simple tips for brilliant booty beauty!

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    What is cellulite?

    Cellulite is stubborn hypodermic fat which causes dimpling of the skin. A thin layer of fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin to gather and create the appearance of bumps and dents. The severity of your cellulite could depend on elements such as your genes, your exercise regime, your diet, toxin levels, your skincare rituals and more. But don’t fret, we have some island style tips up our sleeve to help you along the way!

    coconut oil for cellulite

    Can coconut oil reduce cellulite?

    The short answer is yes, coconut oil can absolutely be used to reduce cellulite! This can be done by using raw coconut oil topically and integrating a high-quality coconut oil into your diet, alongside other healthy-living hacks. 

    Consuming culinary coconut oil for cellulite

    What you put into your body really makes a difference to your internal and external health. Certified organic culinary coconut oil has a very unique molecular structure. It is known to encourage the production of natural rapid energy and a faster metabolism, which in turn helps to burn through the fatty deposits that accumulate and push up against the skin causing the uneven surface and dimpling we know as cellulite. 

    A Brazilian study into the dietary benefits of coconut oil explains that “unlike long chain fatty acids, these medium chain fatty acids and monoglycerides are absorbed intact from the small intestine, and do not undergo degradation and re-esterification processes. They are directly used in the body to produce energy, and widely used nutritional drinks for athletes.” The perfect boost while you’re enjoying some cellulite-busting squats!

    Topically applying whole body coconut oil for cellulite

    By topically applying whole body organic coconut oil for cellulite in the skin’s problem areas, you can achieve smoother and less bumpy looking skin. This works in a few different ways. First, the unique molecular structure of organic coconut oil allows for express skin absorption, strengthening the skin’s epidermis against dimpling.

    Second, the valuable fatty acid content in organic coconut oil will deeply nourish and hydrate the problem area, encouraging the skin’s elasticity, supporting the connective tissues and creating a protective barrier against environmental disturbances. These fatty-acids include short-chain fatty acids, medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid. Lauric acid is well known for its skin-maintaining properties. It also contains linoleic acid, which helps to both treat and prevent moisture loss by naturally sealing water into the thirstiest layers of the skin. 

    Third, organic coconut oil is full of antioxidants, helping your body to flush out the toxin build up under the skin which can lead to cellulite and dimples.

    coconut oil for cellulite

    Dry brushing and coconut oil for cellulite

    Another great natural tool for cellulite is dry brushing. Dry brushing is an daily Ayurvedic ritual of brushing your whole body with a dry, stiff-bristled brush that’s known to increase blood flow, exfoliate skin, promote lymph drainage, unclog pores and stimulate the nervous system. 

    Dry brushing assists the body in getting rid of toxins from the skin, having a direct impact on toxin related skin conditions such as cellulite, as well as your body’s overall health.

    Jodie Smith of Bodecare states that “Research from renowned Naturopaths have shown that cellulite formation is related, in part, to local vein and lymph congestion. Proper skin brushing speeds up metabolism, this helps break down the fatty deposits or toxins into the blood stream and release the waste from the body and therefore help to alleviate this condition“.

    Following your dry brushing ritual with an organic coconut oil application allows you to double the cellulite-fighting impact of these holistic treatments and encourages your skin to glow with optimal health.

    Exfoliating with coconut oil infused scrub for cellulite

    Exfoliating is also highly recommended to tackle cellulite. By boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage you are bringing the flow of oxygen to the surface of the skin and reducing the level of toxins and fat deposits that sit just under the skin’s surface.

    If you select a body scrub that has a coconut oil base you are increasing your opportunity for product success by combining the action of exfoliating with all the wondrous cellulite-fighting properties of organic coconut oil. You are not only allowing the scrub texture to stimulate and regenerate the skin, you are also strengthening the skin’s connective tissues. 

    Esthetician Amber Stuntz explains that “using a coconut oil scrub as an anti-cellulite product is a great idea. The coconut oil itself can really help circulation, making it plumper and decreasing the appearance of cellulite. The proteins in coconut oil are absorbed by your skin and work together to repair cellular tissues and dehydrate the fluid in the cellulite areas, giving your skin the look and feel of being tighter, firmer and smoother.”

    What type of coconut oil should you use for cellulite?

    It is important to explain that not all coconut oil is created equal. The grade of coconut oil for cellulite you choose directly dictates how well that oil will absorb into the skin, how many natural benefits are left in the oil and the results you experience.

    The best coconut oil for cellulite should be: 

    • Certified Organic by an accredited certifying agent
    • Cold-pressed so none of the naturally occurring benefits are destroyed by heat processing
    • Extra-virgin so the concentration of  healing properties are not diluted
    • Raw, unrefined and unbleached so the coconut oil arrives with you exactly as nature intended with no added ingredients
    • Made from fresh coconuts so none of the unique properties are lost in drying, freezing or processing
    • Made ethically and sourced sustainably with fair trade principles

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    coconut oil for cellulite

    Lemongrass Tangerine

    A 2017 study from the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal lists the essential oil of Lemongrass as having a dermological use for acne, blocked pores and cellulite, and the essential oil of Tangerine for skin toning. An organic coconut oil that is infused with both Lemongrass and Tangerine therapeutic grade essential oils would offer even further natural properties to target cellulite naturally.

    A tutorial on using coconut oil for cellulite

    For best results we recommend this four day cycle:

    Day 1: Two circular massage applications to the problem areas (am / pm) with Organic Fiji’s Lemongrass Tangerine Coconut Oil.

    For best results use after a bath/shower when pores are warm and open. Apply liberally and massage in circular motions. By adding some comfortable pressure whilst massaging the oil into your skin can target the toxins that lie underneath your skin, discouraging them from pooling together and creating cellulite dimples.

    Day 2: One whole body dry brush treatment followed by a shower and application of Organic Fiji’s Lemongrass Tangerine Coconut Oil.

    For best results dry brush nude in the bath/shower before turning on the water. Starting with the feet and working upwards, begin brushing the skin in long sweeping motions towards the heart using medium pressure. Long, repetitive strokes help to push lymph fluid upwards toward your torso where it re-enters the bloodstream.

    Switch to smaller strokes along smaller areas or bends. Avoid strokes away from your heart, circular motions and scrubbing movements. When you reach the upper back thigh, continue the strokes over the buttocks to the small of your back. Put more time and pressure on focus areas such as cellulite, dimples or bumps. Continue in the same way over your stomach and then move to the upper torso. Start with the hands and move in toward the heart. Pay close attention to the upper inside arm, an area dense in lymph nodes.

    Then very gently finish with the neck and chest area, starting at the jawline and moving down toward the heart. Gently brush over your heart in a circular motion to end your dry brushing routine. Follow with a shower to rinse away the dead skin cells that were lifted/loosened. Apply oil to the skin at the end of your shower as in Day 1

    coconut oil for cellulite

    Day 3: Two circular massage applications to the problem areas (am / pm) with Organic Fiji’s Lemongrass Tangerine Coconut Oil. 

    For best results use after a bath/shower when pores are warm and open. Apply liberally in circular motions. Leave oil to soak into skin. 

    Day 4: One intensive exfoliating treatment with Organic Fiji’s Lemongrass Tangerine Sugar Scrub on the problem area.

    For best results open the jar and remove a small scoop of Sugar Scrub. Exfoliate your skin using circular motions. Rinse your body with warm water, do not use soap. Pat dry gently with a towel. Massage any excess oil into your skin.

    Repeat for one month and assess your progress. Amend as necessary. If skin is sensitive – reduce exfoliation and dry brushing steps. For faster results on less sensitive skin – increase the exfoliation and dry brushing steps.

    Learn more about liquefying your Coconut Oil based products, which solidify under 76F/24C. 

    Organic Fiji's kit containing coconut oil for cellulite

    Promote natural beauty from the inside out with Organic Fiji’s Organic Anti-Cellulite Kit. Target problem areas such as legs, thighs and buttocks with organic detoxifying body products and use Organic Culinary Coconut Oil in the kitchen to promote a healthy metabolism. 

    The whole set is infused with raw coconut oil, which promotes skin and whole body health with coconut oil’s beneficial molecular structure and lauric acid content. These natural products do not contain any toxic ingredients such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetics, PEGs or GMOs! This product set is vegan, cruelty free, ethically created, eco-friendly, marine safe and made with love in California.

    Other tips to reduce cellulite naturally

    As well as choosing organic coconut oil for cellulite and other skin conditions, you can take these 5 steps to decrease the appearance of cellulite:

    1. Eat clean, unprocessed food: Dr. Oz explains that “by eating a healthy diet, you can help reduce cellulite. Avoid too much sugar, which gets stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. Limit salt intake, since sodium causes fluid retention, making cellulite appear even worse“. Many people find a low sodium, alkaline diet works best.
    2. Hydrate and flush: Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your body. 
    3. Moving and sweating: strengthen your body and sweat out all that stuff your body doesn’t need. Combine strength training and fat busting exercises as a two-fold attack on cellulite. Hiking with elevation and stationary squats, for example, are a great start! Hot yoga is another cellulite-busting favorite! 
    4. Detox baths: Try regular detox baths with raw salts to reduce toxin levels.
    5. Live a toxin-free life – Mind Body Green suggests that “the key to reducing cellulite is to remove the accumulation of toxins from your body and prevent further buildup of toxins”. This would includes toxins in your diet, your skincare routine and that you expose yourself to in the environment. 

    coconut oil for cellulite

    Organic Fiji

    Choosing to use coconut oil for cellulite, and for wellness routines in general, is more than a product choice, it’s an ancient ritual steeped in deep, island history.

    Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned boutique brand that creates organic body care products, based in California.

    Organic Fiji’s artisan products have been USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth since 2007 and are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. You can also be assured that Organic Fiji products are free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals.

    A brand that believes in product transparency over ‘green-washing’ and are real people on the other end of the phone and email.

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