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Certified Organic
Coconut Oil Products

Certified Organic Products

3 oz. or 12 oz. Raw Coconut Oil – Available In Six Aromas

$9.00 to $22.00 

20 oz. Whole Body Sugar Scrub – Available In Five Aromas


20 oz. Whole Body Salt Scrub – Available In Peppermint


3 Pack Coconut Oil Infused Lip Balm – Available In Four Flavors


16 oz. Coconut Oil For Cooking – Available In One Flavor


Certified organic coconut oil products

Certified Organic Coconut Oil Products By Organic Fiji

Organic Fiji offers an excitingly exotic collection of USDA Certified Organic coconut oil products for your whole body. We have been USDA Certified Organic since 2007 and believe passionately in clean, pure plant power and whole body wellness. Our island inspired products are all infused with a generous amount of raw, organic coconut oil and your choice of organic essential oil or botanical derived aroma (Fragrance Free is also available). Follow nature’s path to the tropics with us… 

The USDA Certified Organic Logo

When you see the USDA logo on your certified organic coconut oil products, you know you are getting the ultimate clean and pure product. This logo is your guarantee that you are choosing a standard of organic that upholds the highest integrity. The USDA Organic Certification is the only standardized, government-regulated system that works to verify the safety of your products. It is not a private company who can make up or adapt their own rules or standards. 

The USDA “provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on public policy, the best available science, and effective management”. Choosing certified organic coconut oil products ensures that your purchase meets the code of federal regulations for organic standards, has gone through strict requirements during production and the claims on the label are verified. This is not a one time verification process, but requires frequent reviews and inspections. Looking for ‘natural’ or ‘pure’ simply isn’t enough in today’s world of constant green-washing, you deserve accountability. 

The USDA Organic Program was created with food in mind, but personal care products can indeed comply. Body care products that are USDA Certified Organic do not have a specialized set of rules separate to other products to accommodate for topical application instead of consumption  (which is the case with many other private organic certifications). The USDA explains that “if a cosmetic, body care product, or personal care product contains or is made up of agricultural ingredients, and can meet the USDA organic production, handling, processing and labeling standards, it may be eligible to be certified under the National Organic Program regulations”.

Your certified organic coconut oil products are therefore clean enough to eat! (Although our Pineapple Coconut Whole Body Oil might not taste quite as good as your beachside Piña Colada!). Feed your skin with all the certified organic nutrients and nourishment it needs with Organic Fiji.

Certified organic coconut oil products

Oregon Tilth, The Certifying Agent

We use Oregon Tilth as our certifying agent for our certified organic coconut oil products. Oregon Tilth is known as one of the strictest and most well respected organic programs available, providing over 45 years of hard earned credibility. 

They explain “we got started in 1974, planning and failing and learning how to create our own organic standards from the ground up. Years later, our founders slept on hotel room floors in Washington, D.C. with other organic pioneers to help create the national organic label we see in households today. Throughout it all, we’ve built a reputation for quality, validation, and dependability. Our certification services help demonstrate a commitment to the highest global standards”. They are also a non-profit and invest 15% of all certification fees to advocate, educate and build a sustainable marketplace of organic products. 

Oregon Tilth adds that “personal care products are eligible for review under the USDA National Organic Program standards. The product cannot contain unapproved non-food ingredients or use different, unapproved manufacturing processes than allowed for organic food products”.

Why Choose Certified Organic Coconut Oil Products

1. To take agency over your body care: 

Mindful product purchases allow you to take control of your own level of wellness. By honoring and becoming aware of the ingredients we put into and onto our bodies, we can live healthier, happier lives. The USDA Organic Certification helps consumers make more empowered decisions. Check out Organic Fiji’s ingredient listings on the EWG Skin Deep database

2.  To avoid harmful ingredients: 

 We have over 2 million pores across our extremely absorbent bodies. Unlike food going through the digestive system, topical ingredients don’t have the same filtration system for toxins. Although the skin’s three layers are indeed created to protect us from environmental pollutants, many worrying chemicals are often nanoparticle size making it easier to penetrate the skin’s layers.

According to the EWG, the average adult uses 9 personal care products every day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients. That is a lot of ingredient exposure, why not make it good exposure? They explain that “more than 1 in 5 of all products contain chemicals linked to cancer, 80% contain ingredients that commonly contain hazardous impurities, and 56% contain penetration enhancers that help deliver ingredients deeper into the skin. Cosmetic ingredients penetrate the skin and may pose health risks, particularly for children. Personal care products may be the primary exposure route for many chemicals that raise significant health concerns”. 

Synthetic ingredients may be marketed to accomplish specific goals and appear fast acting at first, but we believe more in long term health and wellness. Prolonged use of harsh chemicals could weaken your skin as your body works in overdrive trying to protect you from these foreign substances, reducing oxygen exchange to the skin and causing premature aging, uneven skin tone and even abnormal skin cells. 

What is even more shocking is the regulation of these toxic ingredients – the EU, for example, has over 1,300 ingredients on their naughty list and the U.S. only has 8. So when we have so many amazing plant-powered ingredients available to us from the earth, why do we need, or want, the harmful chemicals? We believe that education and awareness at a consumer level is the only way forward, because brands will continue to use low quality ingredients over organic ones to save costs. Learn more about the ingredients we say no to

3.   To utilize the good (organic) stuff: 

By replacing harmful chemicals with organic ingredients, you are not only dodging those ingredients you can’t pronounce and that have potential health concerns linked with hormone imbalance, organic toxicity and even cancer, you are also gaining the benefit of what earth’s apothecary can offer your body. Plant based products hold a multitude of natural healing powers, which you can harness by turning to botanical based brands that are certified organic. Uncovering the power of nature is so exciting!

Our certified organic coconut oil products are made with plants that have been grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, GMOs and other harmful chemicals. Organic plants contain a higher level of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nourishment for your skin and whole body. On average, the ingredients that are marketed in synthetic skin care products as ‘active’ make up between 4-10% of its total content, whereas the active ingredients in certified organic products make up 90-100% – giving you more of the good stuff! 

Certified organic products tend to cause less allergic reactions and inflammation too. With unregulated non-organic companies being able to hide so many ingredients under umbrella terms such as ‘fragrance’, you could be exposing yourself to an ingredient that causes inflammation and/or allergic reactions – making it ambiguous to find the cause of your sensitivity. (Although allergic reactions can be triggered from natural ingredients too, the chances are lower and the trigger is more easily identified). Learn more about the EWG’s Quick Tips for Choosing Safer Personal Care Products.

4.   To support ethical brands: 

The USDA stamp ensures that every part of the product’s journey and process meets very specific standards. This provides transparency and traceability to all the activities that happen before the product reaches your hands.

Buying certified organic also means that you are not contributing to the personal care and beauty industry’s unethical trends of using animal-byproduct formulas and animal testing. Our simple and transparent ingredient listings do not need further tests to make sure they are safe for human use like other non-organic products do. Read more about our integrity and standards.

5.   For the planet: 

Certified organic coconut oil products are made using naturally grown ingredients, free from harmful pesticides that can negatively impact the earth and leave a toxic footprint when used. Organic farming causes less pollution, is better for animals, doesn’t negatively impact the surrounding ecology, produces less carbon dioxide and causes less dangerous waste.

And you don’t have to worry about the ingredients after they wash off your body and down your drain either! Our organic ingredients are biodegradable and in harmony with earth’s natural tune. Non-organic ingredients, such as micro plastics for example, cannot always be detected by water filtration systems due to their nanoparticle size. This allows them to get transported back to our natural waterways and negatively impact both the water and the wildlife. These toxins have been found in the digestive tracts of fish and other marine animals and then travel through our food chain, causing hormone disruption and more. By choosing certified organic coconut oil products you are not only protecting your body, you are protecting the earth’s too – helping to reduce your environmental impact and support sustainability within the body care industry. 

6.   To vote with your purchase: 

When you order certified organic coconut oil products you are using currency as a vote. A vote towards what you believe in – from ingredient sustainability, ethical manufacturing, accurate product labeling all the way to final product accountability.

7.   Because the journey matters: 

The USDA logo on your certified organic coconut oil products also provides you with the knowledge the product’s journey supports ethical biodiversity and traceability in addition to a final product verification. Get to know your product, it’s ingredients and its journey! (And if you’d like, learn more about the people behind the product too). 

The bottom line: Certified organic coconut oil products are good for both people and the planet. They pave the way for a higher standard of industry as well as a higher standard of wellness. 

Certified organic coconut oil products

Certified Organic Coconut Oil Products By Organic Fiji

Using certified organic coconut oil products for your whole body is more than a product choice, it’s an ancient ritual steeped in deep, island history. Organic Fiji is a female and Pacific Islander owned boutique brand that creates organic body care products, based in California. Our artisan products have been USDA Certified Organic since 2007 and are vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and ethically created. They are also free of GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals. We believe in product transparency over ‘green-washing’ and we are real people on the other end of the phone and email. Everything we create is inspired by our island roots, honoring traditional South Pacific wellness rituals. Click here to contact us.

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