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The Tasty Chef


The Chef Behind The Recipes

Carolyn, AKA The Tasty Chef, started her food journey when she attended the Santa Barbara City College Culinary Arts Program – a nationally recognized program that maintains a commitment of academic excellence in culinary arts and restaurant management education.

Since then, she has worked in the culinary arts for over 20 years, paving her unique path in the Food & Beverage Industry. Experience includes commercial kitchens, restaurants, catering events, food truck production, weddings and private menus. 

The Tasty Chef‘s favorite cuisines are California Coastal, Pacific Island, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asian, South and Central American.

She lived in Asia for a chapter of her culinary career, where she was inspired to learn more about the roots of the foods she was enjoying by attending culinary classes to further her knowledge in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China and Indonesia. She learned many raw coconut oil recipes during this time and it still inspires her deliciously exotic recipes today.

The Tasty Chef

The Tasty Chef's Philosophy

Carolyn has spent more than 12 years working with notably health-conscious clients – creating niche dietary menus, acting as a private chef and catering special events. She is passionate in her research to offer maximum taste as well as maximum whole-body benefits too. 

The Tasty Chef is particularly enthusiastic when it comes to Farm to Table creations and foraging from the sea or land – sourcing the freshest ingredients that are in season.

“I first expressed a strong interest in cooking when I was just 5 years old. I started creating dishes that my Great Grandparents from Italy brought over to the states, as I am a 3rd generation Italian American. I would make meals from scratch with my Grandmother Patricia Puliti including Pasta, Sauces, Gnocchi, Baked dishes as well as Desserts. I continued to travel to around the world, expanding my love for different cultures and cuisine.”

The Tasty Chef

Coconut Oil & The Tasty Chef

The Tasty Chef has a special place in her heart for organic coconut oil when cooking, and in her wellness rituals. 

“I love it’s smoking point and versatility in the kitchen, not only culinary but topically too. When I travel it protects my skin with chemical free natural sun protection as well as mosquitos in Humid places (especially the Lemongrass Tangerine!). I also enjoy it as a supplement, giving me energy and protecting my oral (+lip) health. I find that it soothes my skin if I get too much sun as well, and redness from burns goes away quicker when applied.”

The Tasty Chef was introduced to Organic Fiji’s Coconut Oil For Cooking in 2010 and enthuses that it’s her favorite oil to cook coconut oil recipes with! 

The Tasty Chef
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